#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon - Smiling at the bottom, crying at the top

How long do happy faces last when you're tackling an alpine brute?...

Would you just look at those happy faces!

They didn't last long apparently...

Alpe d'Huez really is a tough climb. The gradient holds at around 10% for the full 14km and there are some really long sections between the 21 hairpin bends.

That said, there's nothing like riding the famous climbs of the Tour de France and these smiles surely lasted until the first switchback.



Nobody looked this happy at the top!! #mycyclingweekend #wymtm

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Stuart pedals off with the matching bottle and cage from Decathlon! Congrats Stuart.

There were loads of great entries this weekend so do check below as we have included some of the best.

Decathlon will be back on Friday with a new prize, but for now, head over to their Instagram page and give them a follow.



Bertie at Ditchling

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Out of condition! Need fuel!?!? . . #cycling #cake #nocakenoglory #strava #mycyclingweekend

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