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Live blog: Kensington and Chelsea turned against cycle lane after 450 emails; Video - Cyclist won't let motorist take shortcut down wrong side of the road, then the police turn up; MSPs vote against 20mph speed limit + more

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14 June 2019, 15:41
TfL Holland Park Avenue.JPG
Kensington and Chelsea turned against cycle lane after 450 emails

Even more on Kensington and Chelsea withdrawing support for the Holland Park cycle lane.

The Guardian reports that they did so after receiving 450 emails against the scheme. The newspaper points out this is under 0.3% of the borough’s population.

You can read Simon's account of what the road's currently like for cyclists a little further down the page.

14 June 2019, 15:34
Postbridge, Dartmoor (via StreetView)
30mph cyclists "more alarming" than 50mph motorists says Dartmoor Speedwatch Group

Our favourite quote, about cyclists riding within the speed limit: "I really think it’s about time something was done about this group of people who seem to be invisible to the authorities but pose a very real danger on the road."

Full story here.

14 June 2019, 14:15
Holland Park Avenue (via StreetView)
A cyclist's view of Holland Park

Regarding Kensington and Chelsea withdrawing support for the Holland Park cycle lane, our own Simon MacMichael rides that way regularly.

He says:

I cycle through Holland Park Avenue regularly, and it is the single worst stretch of road for cycling between Ealing and the West End.

Westbound is fine - it's a slight downhill, there's no parking on that side, and there's a decent chance of catching a green wave on the lights heading towards Shepherds Bush.

Eastbound, though, is something else altogether.

More often than not, the motor traffic is queued up, the car parking along the parade of shops means there is a constant risk of getting doored, pedestrian islands cause pinch points but that doesn't stop motorists - including those driving buses or coaches - trying to squeeze past, and on top of all that you have to be vigilant at every junction for potential left hooks.

All this in a two or three hundred metre stretch of road.

The boroughs that *get* cycling - Ealing is one, even without Mini Holland money - are doing some terrific work.

Kensington & Chelsea, plus Westminster, don't - and given their central locations, that is an absolute disgrace.

I'm not a bike commuter, I don't ride a road bike in London, and I don't wear Lycra - the stereotype that opponents of segregated infrastructure would have you believe.

I just ride my ex-Royal Mail bike in everyday clothes with my little dog in the basket, and all I want is to get into town in one piece.

And every time I get through Holland Park and up the little kick to Notting Hill Gate, I let out a little sigh of relief.

14 June 2019, 14:08
A34 cycle lane (via StreetView)
Mail and Telegraph suggest Birmingham cycle lane has somehow caused congestion despite zero change to motor vehicle capacity

If you’re in a car, the road’s exactly the same. There was always congestion. This isn’t that complicated.

Full story here.

14 June 2019, 12:00
George Bennett has an opinion on Juan Jose Cobo

Cobo was stripped of his 2011 Vuelta a Espana win earlier this week.

14 June 2019, 11:13
Jim Davidson news!

Jim Davidson began trending on Twitter yesterday evening thanks to this charming post, in which he said he’s "never coming to London again" because of "khan" (sic). For the sake of argument we’ll assume he means Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

Twitter then helpfully reminded Davidson - whose act features jokes about gay people and the disabled - that he was in fact due to appear at the Dorchester to ‘entertain’ people literally that evening.

This morning Davidson attempted to clarify his London boycott by saying: “It is purely the congestion and traffic I cannot bare”...

Why the entertainer might want to bare himself to traffic, we don’t know, but on the subject of moaning about congestion while driving around London, Davidson does have previous – he’s complained about the building of Cycle Superhighways in the past, and was caught on camera by the BBC shouting that “Jeremy Corbyn is an environmental disaster” during the Extinction Rebellion protests from the comfort of his large SUV. 

14 June 2019, 10:54
TfL Holland Park Avenue.JPG
People will die because of "cynical political stunt" says cycling commissioner after Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea ditches support for Holland Park cycle lane

Jeremy Clarkson and Felicity Kendal are among those who have spoken out against the proposed scheme.

Full story here.

14 June 2019, 09:48
Cycling Mikey's on TV now

The clip below is now up for debate on Channel Five show 'Jeremy Vine on 5' this morning. Responses on Twitter are mixed so far, we've stuck the telly on record to see what Jeremy's panel and audience make of it. 

14 June 2019, 09:51
pregancy test bike.JPG


14 June 2019, 09:45
20 mph sign (CC BY-ND 2.0 licensed by Tony Hall:Flickr)
MSPs vote against 20mph speed limit

We saw this one coming. The BBC reports that MSPs have voted down a bill seeking to make 20mph the standard speed limit on residential streets in Scotland.

Campaigners say a default 20mph in built up areas would improve road safety for the most vulnerable road users, and without a national standard, and a simplification of the “labyrinthine” process to reduce speeds, there will be a "postcode lottery" of safety on Scotland’s streets.

British Cycling said the bill, “presented MSPs with a golden opportunity to make our streets safer and more welcoming for people travelling by bike or on foot, giving them a real alternative to travelling by car.”

However, in a letter sent to Sustrans Scotland, the Scottish transport minister, Michael Matheson, said he would not back a blanket reduction of the national speed limit.

A majority of MSPs on Holyrood’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee then decided not to recommend approval of the bill, arguing that the “one size fits all” approach proposed was inappropriate.

MSPs voted accordingly. Friends of the Earth Scotland called the move "a damning indictment of a parliament that pays lip service to the need for a reduction in car use".

14 June 2019, 08:34
“That dent in your bonnet is your own fault”

“It's happened before and it will happen again,” we said when reporting a driver’s attempt to head down the wrong side of the road to turn right at a junction in Regent's Park earlier in the week.

Well, here it is happening again.

The video, which was again supplied by CyclingMikey, stars an irate Mercedes driver who simply cannot comprehend why the cyclist is asking him to go back.

After driving into CyclingMikey three times, he gets out of his car, at which point the police turn up.

The motorist was issued with two tickets – one for the driving offence and one for a public order offence.

The attempted shortcut cost him 25 minutes.

The driver from earlier in the week has also been sent a notice of intended prosecution.

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