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Play nicely! CUK asks cyclists & horse riders to “Be nice, say Hi” in Surrey Hills; Outgoing cycling minister calls for big boost to active travel investment; “Quite nice” to watch Giro on TV says Froome; Cannondale SuperSix goes Dirty +Goat trauma & more

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07 June 2019, 15:15
Cory Lockwood at Redlands Bicycle Classic (via YouTube)
US rider denies deliberately causing crash after being disqualified from race

“A career in crashing people out is not what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t pay very well and you don’t get on very many teams for that skill, and you don’t get to finish very many races.”

Full story here.

07 June 2019, 15:35
Horse riders and cyclists encouraged to “Be Nice, Say Hi” in Surrey Hills

Visitors to the Surrey Hills are being encouraged to “Be Nice, Say Hi”, in a joint campaign from Cycling UK and The British Horse Society (BHS).

The two charities are encouraging cyclists to drop their pace and call out a greeting, giving the horse and rider time to react before overtaking wide and slow.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s head of campaigns said: “Every time a cyclist encounters a horse, there are three brains involved: the cyclist’s, the rider’s and the horse’s. Many people aren’t familiar with horses, and there can be confusion on what they should do when overtaking on a bike.

“Cyclists may already know to pass wide and slow when it’s safe to do so – but they could still startle the horse unless the horse and rider are made aware of your presence.

“Generally, if a cyclist startles a horse, it is due to simple lack of awareness that a horse needs more time to react, which is why Cycling UK is pleased to be helping the BHS promote the consideration and courtesy message of ’Be Nice, Say Hi’ and is delighted to see it adopted in the Surrey Hills.”

The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is the first area in the South East to take up the initiative.

07 June 2019, 14:12
UCI checking Tinkoff bike for hidden motor (source Facebook video still).JPG
UCI to roll out further mechanical doping measures

An upgrade to their magnetic scanning technology plus a ‘tracker’ that can be attached to bikes.

Full story here.

07 June 2019, 13:59
Outgoing cycling minister calls for huge investment in sustainable transport

Click here to read the full thread.

07 June 2019, 12:32
E-bike use predicted to grow by almost 40,000% by 2050, according to Halfords research
Moustache Friday 28 riding -1

While you may expect a retailer that sells bikes to be optimistic, the latest forecasting from Halfords suggests that UK e-bike sales, if they continue on their current trajectory, could jump from around 50,000 in 2019 to a whopping 1.5 million by 2050. Full story over on eBikeTips

07 June 2019, 11:19
NZ cyclist had bike stolen while rescuing a goat

Full story over at Stuff.

07 June 2019, 11:12
New Walk, Leicester (via StreetView).png
£5,400 spent on concrete blocks to keep cyclists off Leicester path

Local cyclists say situation will only improve when nearby cycle lane is finished.

Full story here.

07 June 2019, 08:06
Cannondale SuperX for Dirty Kanza 200-mile race

The EF Education First riders who raced Dirty Kanza last weekend - Alex Howes, Taylor Phinney and Lachlan Morton - did so on Cannondale SuperX cyclocross bikes but modified to suit the rigours of the 200-mile gravel race. The trio used Vittoria Terreno Dry file tread tyres in 38 and 40mm widths and fitted to FSA AGX gravel wheels.

Course tracking and navigation were via Garmin Edge 1030 computers with backup batteries, and as tracking devices are required for all riders each had a Garmin inReach Mini stuffed in the Rapha frame pack. The frame pack was the preferred choice for carrying all the essentials after testing by the team, along with a saddle bag for spare tubes.

Even with the frame pack there was space for two larger water bottles. Taylor Phinney instead preferred to use a hydration pack to meet the demands of staying hydrated for the long race.

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The words creaked from my throat, “I’m starting to come undone pretty bad man” @lachlanmorton retorted in just above a whisper, “That’s the point of this whole thing. Everybody’s f*cked. We’ve got 100km to catch those guys” It was at this moment, deep deep deep in the white hot pits of heatstroke, dehydration, blurring vision & cramps w/ nothing but more sun & bottles full of dust for comfort that I began to understand what @dirtykanza was all about. This was not a bike race, this was not a, “fun ride” or a tour for peligros and ham ‘n’ eggers, this was a vision quest, a truly epic journey, a battle not against other riders but w/ the hard bleached sun above & the heart, mind, soul & dust packed lungs within. We slogged our way to the final aid station and wobbled to a stop. I had serious thoughts about quitting right there. Not because I wanted to but because reaching the finish seemed physically impossible. But after packing my shorts with ice, chugging a double sized coke and dumping four mega sized bottles of ice water over my head, our support crew of @tqhopper @jvaughters @marywruns my father @joel.howes61 & @matthewcbeaudin were able to coax me out of the shade & back into motion. The rest was just a blur of pain and Lachlan’s pink shoes going up & down, up & down. A never ending Groundhog Day vortex of cramps and hills topped with runaway summits. But then... kissed by fair winds, we were delivered to the town of Euphoria. Sorry, EMPORIA. Wait, no, I’m calling it what it was: Euphoria. Lach and I rolled into Euphoria, grinning ear to ear, nourishing ourselves with the high fives from spectators, proud of ourselves, proud of all the others riders that dared to take part in such an event, proud and in awe of the human spirit. Thank you to the town of Emporia for giving this event all the love & support it deserves. Thanks @dirtykansas for allowing us to come out & be a part of the gravel community. Thank you to all the riders, fans, & random kind Kansas folk that said, “good luck” “hi” “have fun” and “your crazy” this weekend. & thank you to the @ef family for supporting our dreams. by @jordan_clark_haggard & @gregerwinphoto

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07 June 2019, 07:32
Team Ineos Chris Froome Pinarello Dogma F12 (picture credit (12).jpg
Froome says it was “quite nice” to just watch the Giro on TV

The Criterium du Dauphine starts on Sunday. Chris Froome will be leading an Ineos team that will also feature Vasil Kiryienka, Michal Kwiatkowski, Gianni Moscon, Wout Poels, Ian Stannard and Dylan van Baarle.

The Dauphiné is a more conventional build-up to the Tour de France for Froome after last year’s win in the Giro d’Italia.

“It was quite nice in a way watching the Giro on the TV and actually not racing,” said Froome. “Also remembering my feelings coming out of the Giro last year – it’s so different to how I feel right now. Hopefully I’ll be a lot fresher now coming into this next block and more ready to race, as opposed to being on the back foot trying to recover from the Giro.”

Speaking about team-mate Pavel Sivakov, who finished ninth in Italy, Froome added: “Pavel was very, very impressive. For a 21 year old to have ridden a top 10 in just his second Grand Tour – that takes some doing and it goes a long way to showing what kind of engine he has for the future.”

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