Ute driver brake checks cyclists causing crash; Giro bike chucking saboteur arrested; in-house NMoTD; Pink Giro Canyon for Carapaz, Adam Blythe shirts + more

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31 May 2019, 16:00
Holyrood committee rejects default 20mph speed limit

British Cycling says 20mph Restricted Roads Bill would make streets safer pedestrians and cyclists.

Full story here.

31 May 2019, 14:58
Mood music: Heavy metal makes drivers too agitated, but classical makes them too cool

You're better off with Taylor Swift, apparently.

Full story here.

31 May 2019, 13:37
31 May 2019, 13:04
A Message from the Council for Ill informed and Opinionated Bicycle Aesthetes


Oops! A quick gander at the bike rack reveals we've gone seriously off-message on this one… the wrong one just looks so right. 

31 May 2019, 13:02
31 May 2019, 12:19
Ute driver brake checks cyclists causing crash

This video, from Victoria in Australia, shows a ute driver pass six cyclists before braking and turning off the road.

31 May 2019, 11:46
Team Ineos 'strangling the sport' says Bradley Wiggins

He argues that the future of cycling is all in one team and says Ineos will ‘park the bus’ at the Tour de France.

Full story here.

31 May 2019, 11:19
GT Grade 2020: Davey Arthur gives his first ride impressions

The first incarnation of the GT Grade was possibly the ultimate Marmite bike - some thought touched by the ugly stick, while others though it touched by genius… we’ve not met anyone who rode one that didn’t love it. So what’s the new version with adjustable geometry like? Find out here

31 May 2019, 10:49 in-house Near Miss of the Day + bonus slo-mo swearing

Our man Pat shares a moment he had out on the bypass on this morning's commute. One of those that demonstrates that the camera doesn't always give a true impression of how close a pass was - though it's pretty close and fast. It takes quite a lot to shake up an experienced rider like Pat, but a stiff drink (coffee we think) and he's back to his usual composed self now.

31 May 2019, 09:24
Trek reveals two new Madone SL Disc models

Trek has unveiled two new Madone models that become the cheapest disc brake Madones in the range. The Madone SL 6 and Madone SL 7 are made from a lower grade of carbon than the existing SLR models and feature a traditional-style handlebar and stem rather than a single-piece design.MadoneSL6Disc_20_28714_B_Primary.jpg

Find out about them here.

31 May 2019, 09:11
Adam Blythe's shirts

If you've been watching the Giro on Eurosport (or the highlights on Quest) you'll have noticed Adam Blythe's shirts.

So have his co-presenters.

31 May 2019, 08:51
Another angle on that incident yesterday where a spectator threw a bike in the path of the Giro

Yesterday we featured the incident above when a spectator ran across the road to clear a bike left in the path of oncoming riders, today we got a much clearer view (in the second video clip) of what actually happened. The man in the hoodie has reportedly been arrested.

31 May 2019, 08:12
Pink Canyon for Carapaz


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