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26/04/2019, 16:14

Vittorio Brumotti (via Twitter video)

Vittorio Brumotti's a what now?

A mafia hunter.


And he's on telly tonight.

Full story here.

26/04/2019, 16:12

More from Pedal on Parliament

26/04/2019, 14:45

Forrest Road people-protected bike lane (CC licensed by Sandy Beach Cat via Flickr)

Biggest Pedal on Parliament yet will see 20 protests across Scotland

Aim this year is to highlight specific local issues.

Full story here.

26/04/2019, 14:04

Leave Vs Remain poll: Near Miss of The day

Near Miss of the Day is in the news at the moment so what do you think Leave it out or Remain and stick with it? Have your say in our regular Friday non-binding indicative vote above.

26/04/2019, 14:28


IMG-3794 (1).JPG

We've just had a visit from Clif's guys in the UK, and they've kindly left us with some brand new tasty treats - the Peanut Butter Banana Clif Bar and Ginger Ale Shot Bloks are available now, head to Clif's website for more info.

26/04/2019, 12:18

Bristol to Bath Cycle Path apple tree vandals offered an olive branch

If you really want to annoy Bristolians then cutting off their cider supply is a good place to start... and sadly it appears that vandals saw it fit to tear down some apple trees on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path at the weekend. This disgruntled yet incredibly polite note was photographed by passer-by Claire Snook, and has been called 'the most Bristol note ever' by the Bristol Post; although we think it's definitely lacking a few gerts and ooh-arrrs to qualify as that... 

26/04/2019, 12:13

Pedal on Parliament pedal on Forest Road, Edinburgh to form people-protected bike lane

The campaigners are calling for segregated cycle lanes in Scotland, and this morning a number of supports formed a chain to create a 'lane' for cyclists using the very much not segregated cycle lane on Forest Road in Edinburgh. 

26/04/2019, 11:39

Josh Quigley and his bike

Round-the-world cyclist continuing after bike theft thanks to donations from supporters

Josh Quigley has mourned his old bike and got himself a new one.

Full story here.

26/04/2019, 11:24

road.cc on GCN

road.cc on GCN and why we do Near Miss of the Day (again)

Ooh, road.cc's on GCN* how exciting! …You can get the full story here
*It's like a thing on Youtube

26/04/2019, 11:10

Essential rules for your next 10 mile TT

Endless faffing, taking too many pins and making excuses are almost as traditional as the good old British club 10 itself... 4th Cat Problems have nailed it here!

26/04/2019, 10:15

Specialized's new S-Works Roubaix is in the office

Following the launch in Belgium, we've now got the brand new Specialized S-Works Roubaix to test on more familiar roads. First look and more coming soon, but here are a couple of pics on our Instagram account. 



Shiny! New Specialized S-Works Roubaix just landed in the office for review

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26/04/2019, 09:58

canyon 2

Canyon sets sights on eracing future with professional team

Canyon is aiming at the rapidly growing eracing universe with the launch of possibly the world’s first professional e-racing team: Canyon Zcc.

It won’t have escaped your attention that eracing is becoming popular at the moment, largely due to the popularity of Zwift and culminating with the first British national e-racing championships recently.

Canyon’s new Zcc team supports two squads, men and women, with 10 riders in total. They have been competing regularly in the Zwift KISS Community League, one tier below the Super League that has attracted regular professional cyclists to take part.

canyon 3

The team has tasted success already, three riders were able to claim Zwift National Championship titles, and James Phillips claimed second place in the televised live final for the British title.

Impressive results, and striking kit too. Canyon has shown an appetite for daring kit design - the Canyon//SRAM women’s team kit still ranks as one of the best ever - and the Zcc kit is no exception. The bold kit, inspired by the early 90s rave music scene - will be worn by the riders both in real life and virtually.

“It’s about being different to the mainstream and embracing the freedom that comes with that. eRacing is still in its infancy, but we have always seen its potential and are excited to be pioneering the future of the sport”, says Team Manager Rhys Howell.

Here are the riders to watch out for:

Women's squad

  • Kristin Falck (NOR)*
  • Eva Buchholz (GER)*
  • Siri Hildonen (NOR)
  • Nathalie Eklund (SWE)
  • Laura van Regenmortel (NED)

Men's squad

  • Alex West (NZL)
  • Steve Young (GBR)
  • James Phillips (WAL)
  • Lionel Vujasin (BEL)*
  • Philipp Diegner (GER)

*Denotes Zwift National Champion.

If you’re wondering what bikes and equipment the team will use, they’re on the Aeroad CF SL in both real and virtual worlds, and using a complete Wahoo setup comprising a Kickr, Headwind, Climb and Tickr, with Nuun nutrition.

Is there a big future for professional e-racing teams? Let us know your thoughts down below.

26/04/2019, 09:17

Wolfscastle to Tufton road (via StreetView)

Farmer accused of failing to stop tractor after incident at Tour of Pembrokeshire has charges dismissed

A farmer who was accused of failing to stop his tractor at the scene of an accident during last year’s Tour of Pembrokeshire has had the charges against him dismissed.

The cyclist involved, Phillip Withers, said that he was riding towards the back of a group of around 20 riders when they encountered Haydn Williams in his tractor, heading in the opposite direction.

He said several of the cyclists managed to filter through a small gap on the left hand side of the road, but Williams continued moving forward, shouting “get back” from the cab.

As Williams drove past, Withers said his leg was pinned against his bike by the hay rake that was being towed.

Williams said he remembered getting out of the vehicle and shouting at the cyclists to move back toward a layby further down the road. He said he was unable to reverse himself as another farm vehicle and a 4x4 were occupying a layby or farm entrance behind.

Williams has pleaded not guilty to failing to stop after a road accident, failing to report the accident to police and driving without due care and attention.

The Western Telegraph reports that yesterday all three charges were dismissed and an order was made for Williams’ defence costs to be paid from central funds.

26/04/2019, 09:16

Woefull-timed overtake by driving instructor

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the road.cc team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.