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Live blog: Yob films himself braking so cyclist goes through rear windscreen; an innovative way to resolve this week's helmet dispute + more

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22 March 2019, 16:49
The National Cycle Network (via YouTube)
Government provides £21m for National Cycle Network
22 March 2019, 16:34
CHPT3 unveils Milan-Sanremo inspired collection


CHPT3 MSR clothing 2019 - 7

David Millar’s design house CHPT3 has collaborated with long-term partner Castelli to produce a collection of cycling kit inspired by Milan-Sanremo, just prior to this year's editions (it takes place tomorrow).

The MSR Jersey (£120) is made with a fabric previously exclusive to Castelli’s Maglia Rosa jersey, so it is a race weight, aerodynamic and high-wicking. 

CHPT3 MSR clothing 2019 - 4

CHPT3 designers have softened the race jersey it is based on by including a touch of elastane and employing a less constrictive cut. 

"The colours of the MSR Jersey reflect the muted, industrial portion of the race, inferring what’s to come with flashes of Mediterranean colour woven in," says CHPT3. "Meanwhile, the rear pockets show the chevrons of the Turchino Pass – the turning point in the race."

CHPT3 MSR clothing 2019 - 8

The MSR Base Layer (£70) is made from a lightweight mesh fabric originally chosen by Castelli to make a super-lightweight climber’s jersey for the Tour de France. 

"MSR embodies so much of the madness inherent in our sport: a 300km race where everything happens in the final 30km," says David Millar. "Racers will always split races into sections. MSR is two halves, the tunnel of the Turchino Pass is the spiritual halfway point. The moment we exit the tunnel we descend to the coast and enter a brave new world – one where we’re more at home. 

CHPT3 MSR clothing 2019 - 5

"With the MSR collection, we’ve taken this racing mindstate of compartmentalising everything and created a beautiful design, splitting the race up by the visual impression it leaves."

CHPT3 MSR clothing 2019 - 6

The MSR collection, which also includes a cycling cap (£25) and socks (£18), is available now from and selected retailers.

22 March 2019, 16:21
The ride out was fun as always!

And the rain even hold off... thanks for coming everyone!

22 March 2019, 15:13
Keep dogs on lead sign (public domain).png
Oxford man jailed for using his dog 'as a weapon' against city centre cyclists
22 March 2019, 12:51
Visualisation of Stevenson Square (TfGM).png
Next wave of Bee Network projects: £137m to be invested in 18 new cycling and walking schemes around Manchester
22 March 2019, 12:23
Mobike in Manchester (Sian Dibben)
Proposals for a new Greater Manchester bike hire scheme

No real details yet, but a proposal to bring forward a Greater Manchester bike hire scheme will be considered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on March 29.

Further details will be announced in the Spring, apparently.

22 March 2019, 12:19
Zebra crossers (CC licensed by Agastya Alfath via Flickr)
Manchester to trial European-style zebra crossings at side roads

Another great slab of investment’s been announced in Manchester’s Beelines Network (more on that later). As well as a bunch of major construction projects, they’re going to trial European-style zebra crossings.

Transport for Greater Manchester has proposed an independent research project to investigate using European-style crossings at minor side road junctions to improve safety and enhance the experience for people travelling on foot or by bike. 

Currently, zebra crossing-style markings are only permitted on UK roads where Belisha Beacons and zig zag markings are also in place and can cost around £30,000. If European-style crossings were to be permitted in the UK it would bring the cost per side road junction down to around £500.

Chris Boardman said: "The majority of European cities use zebra crossings at side roads to give a clear and simple message to drivers that they must give way to people travelling on foot. They are used in cities across the world and now we want to see if this approach can work in Greater Manchester.

"If it can, and with help from Department for Transport, it will enable us to quickly and cheaply ensure that people are much better protected on every-day journeys including trips to school, to the shops, to work."

22 March 2019, 10:38
How to resolve the MIPS v WaveCel helmet dispute

References this.



22 March 2019, 09:26
Yob films himself braking so that cyclist goes through his rear windscreen

A video has been posted to Facebook of a driver slamming on his brakes so that a cyclist smashes through his rear windscreen. The footage was shot by the driver.

Several newspapers have reported on this, but it is not known when or where the footage was shot.

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