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Video: US police officer distracted by mobile phone hits stationary cyclist head-on

Warning: Video contains strong language

“Today a local police officer struck me head on while turning onto my road,” writes JW Fas in the description of this video. “I was motionless at a stop sign, and he was looking down reading his phone.”

The astonishing footage – which has now been viewed over three million times – begins on the clearest, quietest road you could ever imagine. Skies are blue and views are clear pretty much all the way to the horizon.

As Fas sits on his bike at a T-junction, a police car turns left into the road and drives straight into him. A great many ‘motherfuckers’ ensue.

After the collision, the officer admits he was looking at his phone. “That’s my bad,” he says.

Fas asks the officer how his arm looks – he’s told it looks fine.  “How about this one?” he asks. That one’s fine too.

At the end of the video, Fas says that he was “basically just scraped and bruised” but was left feeling “incredibly sore.” He adds that the bike is “most likely toast.”

Canadian Cycling Magazine reports that the incident occurred late last month near Peculiar in Missouri.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating and the officer has been suspended with pay until the conclusion of the investigation.

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