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3T Strada Due - First Ride Video. Aero bike gets a front mech, we rode it in Austria

The radical and stunning 3T Strada is now available with a front mech, and we've ridden it (briefly)...

The 3T Strada is one of the most divisive bikes of the past 12 months, mainly because it was designed around a 1x groupset with no way to fit a front mech. A lot has happened since its launch and it won our coveted Superbike of the Year award, with a pro team now racing the bikes with some success but also some high profile drama, and the forums have been ablaze with people debating the merits of 1x versus 2x drivetrains. 

Well, now the 3T Strada is available with a front mech. It's called the Strada Due, Italian for two, and the only difference is the addition of a front mech mount. The seat tube has also been beefed up a little to support the use of the front mech, but that change aside it's the same as the original Strada. It only supports electronic groupsets however with internal routing, using the same top tube entry point that personally I'm not a fan of. 

- Review: 3T Strada 

What's it like to ride? Without typing out everything I said in the short video above, in essence, it rides the same as the original, just with the smoother gear steps afforded by a double setup. It was only a short, and very wet ride though, but we'll see if we can get a test bike in for review to give it a proper in-depth ride.

- On the double! 3T launch the Strada Due

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