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Video: pre- v post-ride coffee – which do you prefer?

Yes, we know your answer’s likely to be ‘both’

Unafraid to tackle the big questions, Australian cyclist Cameron Nicholls has been trying to find out whether his fellow riders prefer their coffee before or after their ride. Even if you say ‘both’, is one not fractionally more satisfying than the other?

“I’m enjoying my pre-ride coffee more than my post-ride coffee,” said Nicholls’ ride companion Bryan one day.

Taken aback by this seemingly outlandish statement, Nicholls tried to find out whether anyone shared his view – and many did.

New study provides more evidence that drinking coffee gives your cycling a boost

In a not-hugely-robust study, Nicholls gathered the views of a thousand people via a couple of Instagram accounts and the good old-fashioned method of asking people face-to-face.

He learned that 63 per cent of coffee-drinking cyclists prefer a post-ride coffee, compared to 37 per cent who prefer one pre-ride.

“While I’m happy to accept criticism for my survey methods, please keep in mind that this is all fun and games, not a Government funded initiative,” he said.

This laid-back meandering video sees Nicholls questioning café staff and a few fellow riders and also features a cameo from Lee Turner, the man with 170 cycling kits (who apparently doesn’t drink coffee at all).


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