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Dr Michele Ferrari confirmed guilty in appeal court

Planning to appeal to Italy’s Supreme Court

Michele Ferrari has had his 18-month suspended jail sentence for doping confirmed in an appeal court. The Italian, who was handed a lifetime sporting ban in 2012 following the investigation into doping at the former US Postal Service team, was found guilty of supplying EPO to a former junior world champion biathlete in April.

Doping has been a crime in Italy in since 2000 and Ferrari was caught after conversations with Daniel Taschler in 2010 and 2011 were tapped by the Italian authorities as part of an investigation into the doctor and his links to doping.

Daniel Taschler was given a nine-month suspended sentence while his father, Gottlieb – a former vice president of the International Biathlon Union and Olympic bronze medallist – was given a one-year suspended sentence for putting the two in touch with each other.

Cycling News reports that while Ferrari’s suspended sentence was upheld, he did manage to get a reduction in the civil damages he was ordered to pay the World Anti-Doping Agency, from 12,500 to 2,500 Euros.

He now plans to appeal his sentence to Italy's Supreme Court.

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Jackson | 6 years ago

Couldn't he have just said he wasn't feeling well and not turned up?

EddyBerckx replied to Jackson | 6 years ago
Jackson wrote:

Couldn't he have just said he wasn't feeling well and not turned up?

Wow you're really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really clever. Such a smart and subtle observation!!! Comparing the most notorious doctor in the history of a sport that is full of notorious doctors with this Italian guy, genius ho ho ho!!!!

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