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Tories launch campaign against 'bike motorway' in West London

Cycle Superhighway 9 "will see pavements narrowed, trees cut down and pedestrians put at risk" say local Conservatives...

Local Conservatives have launched a campaign against a ‘bike motorway’ in West London, which they say would ‘damage its environment’.

Posting on Brentford and Isleworth Conservatives’ website, local politicians say:

“Labour plans that will see  pavements narrowed, trees cut down and pedestrians put at risk.

“The plans would bring chaos to the heart of Chiswick and damage its environment, shops and accessibility. “

They add that “pedestrians [will be] put in danger by speeding commuter cyclists “, and that “the £70m cost of the scheme could be better spent to benefit all residents, and prioritise cyclists, through the repair of potholes,  and better maintenance of our streets."

Fortunately for cyclists, Hounslow Council has 49 Labour seats and 11 Conservatives, meaning that Cycle Superhighway 9 is more likely to become a reality than not.

According to TfL, “Cycle Superhighway 9 (CS9) would transform roads in west Kensington, Hammersmith, Chiswick and Brentford town centre to make cycling and walking easier, safer, and more appealing.

“Roads on the alignment are currently dominated by motor traffic and can be intimidating and unpleasant places to walk and cycle. Walking and cycling are the healthiest and most sustainable ways to travel, either for whole trips or as part of longer journeys on public transport.

“By giving people space and time to cycle through the area more easily, and by providing improved crossing facilities for pedestrians, we can encourage more people to use these healthy and sustainable forms of transport while keeping other traffic moving. These improvements would help to make these streets work better for walking, cycling and public transport, so both individuals and the community as a whole can benefit.”

The route, between Kensington Olympia and Brentford, connects town centres in west London through Hammersmith and Chiswick.

A consultation on the westerly route is expected in the summer. The Hammersmith to Chiswick route is currently open for consultation and you can have your say here.


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