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11 things we've learned this week

Here are 11 things we've learned in another action-packed week on two wheels.....

1. We're not sure if number plates will increase cycle safety, but we do know it causes a right good debate. 


After we received news that Beacon School in Surrey planned to issue number plates for students if they wish to cycle to school, we were overwhelmed with reaction and comments. On the site. Whether the Headteacher in question meant well is not or us to decide, but what we do know is the proposal was controversial to say the least! 
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2. As the popularity of virtual riding increases, so does its prices...

zwift group 2.png

As Zwift increased its price from £7.99 to £12.99 a month this week, initially we saw a lot of negativity; but many sprung to the defence of Zwift, citing the impressive development of the platform and the low cost compared to a gym membership. What do you think? 
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3. Cyclists are generally pretty thick skinned, but we draw a line at this. 

George Hook via BBC.png

Friday's live blog was alive and kicking, mostly with people expressing their disgust at broadcaster George Hook attempting to draw a likeness between cyclists and Nazis. After a morning of vehement Twitter abuse in return, Hook had promptly deleted his account by the afternoon... 
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4. We don't think this is the end of the 'gig economy' debate by any means

Deliveroo (white background).jpg

As Deliveroo won its case that ruled riders are self-employed, the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which brought the case, accused the firm of ‘gaming the system’ in response. Is it fair, and why are Deliveroo a different case to Uber? We don't think we've heard the last of this or the Deliveroo drivers/riders who are still fighting them for more employment rights.  
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5. Boardman continues to impress with his progress in getting people out of cars and onto two wheels

1 millionth Oxford Road cycle journey - Chris Boardman (credit - Chris Foster).jpg

"Bike lanes aren’t for cyclists – they’re for motorists". This quote isn't what you think, as Boardman was actually pointing to the number of drivers who have ditched their cars in favour of other modes of transport due to safer infrastructure in Manchester, where he's now their cycling and walking commissioner. Chapeau, Chris. 
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6. Segregated cycle lanes are great in theory, but may detract from the real issues

Segregated cycle lane in London (copyright Britishcycling.org_uk).jpg

The leader of Ealing Council has said that “segregated cycle lanes are the answer” to road traffic congestion, the growing obesity crisis and premature deaths caused by air pollution. Councillor Julian Bell’s remarks, which he made in a column for the Ealing Gazette, follow the deaths of two cyclists on the west London borough’s roads in recent weeks. It sounds great if it gets done, but as commenters on pointed out, ideally more considerate driving would be a better answer. 
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7. Sir Bradley Wiggins may have technically been exonerated, but it's not enough to answer his detractors

Sir Bradley Wiggins signs autographs (copyright Simon MacMichael).PNG

A Member of Parliament heading an inquiry into doping in sport has said that “a cloud now hangs over one of our greatest Olympians” – Sir Bradley Wiggins – following yesterday’s announcement by UK Anti-doping (UKAD) that it had concluded its investigation into British Cycling and Team Sky and that no charges would be brought. If MP's are not convinced then the public certainly aren't convinced, and it's regrettable if Wiggins is innocent that greater proof wasn't given to prove so. 
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8. Phil Gaimon might have wished he omitted a certain line from his new book, maybe

meeting fabian cancellara.jpeg

Gaimon's comments in his book Draft Animals suggesting Cancellara may have been hiding a motor in his bike have been met with derision and threat of a lawsuit amongst other things; and while he says the comments were simply an opinion and not serious allegations, it may have been more trouble than it was worth. 
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9. We're jealous of some of your indoor riding setups

pain caves 1.jpg

While there will always be those who say "just go outside", who wouldn't want to take to the turbo on this! You sent us a whole host of pain cave pics, with some seriously luxury setups spotted. 
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10. Discs are the next big thing, you know

Merida Scultura Disc launch 2016 2 - 52.jpg

British Cycling have finally said it will permit the use of disc brakes at all levels of competition on the road and at closed circuits from 1 January 2018. A long time coming, but a sigh of relief for those who see increasingly less rim brake options available to them in the disc-heavy market nowadays. 
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11. Fluorescent leggings? Sign me up

Cyclists in high-vis (CC licensed image by garryknight)

As a study suggested that motorists approaching a cyclist from behind will spot them earlier if the rider is wearing high visibility clothing on their lower rather than upper body, with researchers recommending riders wear fluorescent leggings. We're not sure if this wil catch on looking through our comments section, so we'll just carry on wearing ours around the house instead...
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