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Ex fashion director takes Deliveroo job to train for Land’s End to John O’Groats

“My kids think I’m stupid”

There are many different ways a person could go about training to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG). As well as that old classic ‘going out on your bike a lot’ you could do it indoors via Zwift or TrainerRoad – you could even ride the entire route in virtual reality, as this chap did. Alternatively, you could do what Rory Turner has done and take a job with Deliveroo.

The Southport Visiter reports that the 65-year-old ex-director at the International Fashion Institute at the University of Central Lancashire will be making his LEJOG attempt on May 1 next year.

“I’ve done a few coast to coast walks before but now I thought it was about time I attempted the big one,” he said.

Turner has therefore taken a job with online food delivery company Deliveroo with a view to getting in shape.

“Because I’ve retired, Deliveroo is a good way to train as it means I’m covering around 25 to 50 miles a day.

“I’m living from my pension too so it’s nice to have a little bit more money coming in that can go towards the accommodation when I’m cycling, because no money raised will be going towards that.”

Video: Graeme Obree eat your heart out - Deliveroo makes bike out of unused kitchen gadgets

Turner said he used to do mountain biking when he was younger and has recently returned to cycling as it’s low impact.

And despite what his kids think, he seems to be happy in his work.

“My kids think I’m stupid but I guess it’s a way of keeping me fit. It’s also great because you can work your own hours – though when it’s raining it’s not too nice.”

There also seems to be some limit to his affection for his employer.

“At the moment I’m training in my Deliveroo uniform but there is no way I’ll be wearing it during the bike ride.”

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pablo | 6 years ago
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that is genius get fit.  get paid below minimum wage...... oh wait.

Eton Rifle replied to pablo | 6 years ago

pablo wrote:

that is genius get fit.  get paid below minimum wage...... oh wait.

Ha ha!  Exactly.  I remember some bloke posting on a forum that he'd 'saved a fortune on gym fees' by becoming a roadie.  As someone pointed out, working as a glorified removal man for peanuts meant that he wasn't saving anything, just incurring the huge opportunity cost of not spending his time doing something that paid better.

fenix | 6 years ago
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Awesome idea. Good luck chap. Er any reason why they've not bothered naming him ?

BarryBianchi | 6 years ago

It's the pizza that will get him...

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