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Sat-nav leads cyclist onto M25... driver takes him off it

“Before he knew it, he was heading down a slip road onto the motorway”

A cyclist who was filmed cycling along the M25 was first shepherded along by a concerned motorist and then offered a lift. The driver learned that the cyclist had been guided onto the motorway by his sat-nav.

The Daily Mail reports that on May 31, at around 2.30pm, Andy Cracknell spotted a man riding on the M25 near Brooklands in Surrey.

Cracknell said he couldn’t believe his eyes and called the police.

“To protect him and others, I needed to put something between him and the massive steel boxes hurtling down the motorway, whilst making the police aware.

“It was carnage just waiting to happen. At least if I was behind him it would draw attention to the situation from other drivers with the hope they slowed down.”

He sson decided it would be better if he just stopped and offered the cyclist a lift.

“We put the bike in the boot, he got in and off we went. We were talking in the car and I just remember being in shock.

“When I first went over to him he pulled his headphones out. I think he was listening to music, he didn’t know I'd been behind him.

“I was dumbfounded. I just remember I kept saying to him ‘did you not realise how dangerous it was what you did?’

“He was really upset once the reality had dawned on him. He was a really nice guy, early twenties, just didn’t seem to have a clue initially about what he’d done.”

The man told Cracknell that he had been to buy a new bike and was using the satnav on his phone to get home. It had taken him an unfamiliar route, “and before he knew it he was heading down a slip road onto the motorway.”

Earlier this year, we reported on a cyclist who’d ridden for three days to attend a court hearing for riding on the M5 because he said it was against his spiritual beliefs to travel in petrol or diesel vehicles.

Balin Hobbs admitted using a pedal cycle on the motorway and a second charge of resisting arrest, but said he was only doing so to avoid having to repeat the ride to attend a trial.

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