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UAE police confiscate hundreds of bikes because riders weren't wearing hi-vis

Cyclists also stopped for not wearing helmets

Police in Ajman are reported to have seized 332 bikes because those riding them were not wearing hi-vis clothing.

The National reports that the confiscations came as part of a two-week campaign to raise awareness of local safety rules.

Major Fuad Ali Al Khaja, the Head of Traffic and Patrols Department at Ajman Police, said: "The campaign was aimed at reducing accidents and educating the bicycle riders and society members about the traffic safety laws. We want to ensure that cyclists wear safety equipment such as helmets and fluorescent jackets to keep them safe from accidents.”

There’s a slight suspicion of a poor translation here, but he reportedly added: “Riding a bicycle on a road can distract motorists, therefore bikers must wear a reflective vest, a helmet and use arm signals to let car drivers know their movement, such as raising the left or right arm to indicate which direction they are turning.” 

He finished by saying that riders should remain on the hard shoulder and form a line, avoiding cycling side by side.

Police also appealed to motorists to be cautious and remain vigilant of cyclists.

Here in the UK, the cycling officers involved in West Midlands Police’s pioneering close-pass operation do not wear hi-vis clothing.

The force explained that, “drivers actually paying attention is the most important thing.”

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