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Leicestershire Police confirm close pass operation (+ video)

Safe Pass campaign to encourage drivers to be more considerate of cyclists

Leicestershire Police will next month launch their own version of the close-pass operation first run by West Midlands Police. Undercover cycling officers equipped with body-worn cameras will film motorists who fail to allow enough space when overtaking and the culprits will be flagged down by colleagues.

The force had suggested it would be undertaking such an operation back in March and it has now confirmed this, having taken delivery of one of Cycling UK’s close pass mats to aid with driver education.

The Leicester Mercury reports that the officers involved have completed an advanced cycling qualification in preparation for a two-week operation, which will begin on Monday, July 10.

Drivers who aren’t stopped at the scene will be traced from the vehicle's registration and the force said that those who are proven to persistently overtake too closely could face prosecution for dangerous driving.

Inspector Paul Crewe, who is overseeing the campaign, said: "We will be out on rural and urban roads but won't be announcing the locations beforehand.

"The officers involved are undertaking an advanced cycling qualification to ensure they are safe and will also be trained in using the cameras so that filming is consistent and fair when it comes to any decisions about enforcement.

"The best outcome will be that we don't have to stop anybody because the motorists have left enough space – recommended at one and a half metres."

The force also says that it is currently considering the most effective way that members of the public can report incidents of dangerous driving or unsafe overtaking.

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