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'Close pass' cyclist gets revenge on bus by hitting engine kill switch

Video shows London bus being disabled by cyclist

A London cyclist who was overtaken by a ‘bully’ bus driver has been caught on camera switching off the vehicle’s engine in revenge.

The video shows a rider being beeped by a 159 bus in Brixton, south London, before being overtaken without much space.

The cyclist, who was wearing a helmet cam, followed the bus, and opens a flap marked ‘emergency’.

He presses a button and cuts off the bus’s engine.

The video’s owner on YouTube says: “Bus driver makes aggressive close pass, cyclist takes revenge.

"Or as they say in my town: Bully gets owned!”

One commenter said: "Embarassment to cyclists and not recommended", while another said “Think this revenge has more of a negative impact on the [bus] riders than the driver.

"The driver is getting paid either way, the riders might be late. ”

But another said: “This needs to be a thing for dangerous bus driving.

"A 30 second stop-go penalty imposed immediately.”

A Transport for London spokesman told the Evening Standard that, although it is not illegal, using the emergency stop button could endanger passengers as it cuts off all power including to disabled-access ramps.

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