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Great #mycyclingweekend climbs

This weekend we saw you lot make some serious ascents. Here are our favourite photos!

Climbing. It's bittersweet, right? It hurts really good. We love it. And, according to the photos you lot sent in this #mycyclingweekend, you guys love it too!

This #mycyclingweekend was all about you lot sending us snaps of your favourite/biggest/most climbed climbs.

And you delivered.

Below we've got some cracking shots of mountains and hills, some big, some exotic, and some back-dropped by great sunsets.

We've even got one sock winner!

That winner is Rob Heyes who conquered his biggest ever climb this weekend. At 516m elevation and 9.1km of climbing it's quite the achievement, Rob.

We hope the socks make your achievement even sweeter. Great photo too!



Rob wasn't the only cyclist heading vertical this #mycylcingweekend. Twitter user @oceanrise1, also known as Fiona, spent the weekend with her family climbing mountains in Crete.

The shots are unreal!



Maszto_mam_to on Instagram also went climbing, and looked pretty through with it half way up. The view when he got there looked worth it though. 





Bespokevelo also hit some hairpins this weekend, while jmalecek caught this wonderful sunset on his climbing excursions.





It's not all about climbing, though. There are other achievements. Like suntans, apparently...



Just gets more and more ridiculous each week. Someone plz send fake tan

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Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun. Just pop your photo on Instagram or Twitter and include the #mycyclingweekend hashtag in the caption.

Happy riding!

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