Great cycling deals on Genesis, Northwave, & Science in Sport

The DealCatcher's here with a disc brake-equipped road bike, a warm weather jersey, and some hydration tablets for the warm days ahead!...

Today's round-up of cycling deals is coming at you from Cycle Surgery, Ribble Cycles, and Science in Sport in the shape of some stellar deals on bikes, jerseys, and hydration tablets!

As we're gearing up for the start of summer cycling season, it's best we take stock. Have we got all the essentials?

If you're short a bike, a jersey, or some nutrition bits, you're in the right place.

Check out Genesis's excellent Equilibrium Disc 30, which is currently available at a third off over at Cycle Surgery, you won't be dissapointed.

Northwave's excellent Extreme Tech jersey has had its asking price slashed at Ribble Cycles, and our man Ed Mason says he really liked the jersey.

Finally, Science in Sport has a stunning half price offer on hydration tablets; essential for the warmer months.


33% off Genesis's 2016 Equilibrium Disc 30
WAS £1849.99 | NOW £1249.00

Genesis's Equilibrium Disc is a staple in the bike stable. A couple of us have splashed out on the British brand's steel wonderbikes over the years.

Our man Dave Atkinson put one of the first disc-equipped adventure Equilibriums through its paces a couple of years back and he liked what he saw.

The 2016 edition features a carabon fork, Shimano disc brakes, a largely Shimano 105 groupset, and cobble-ready Challenge Paris-Roubaix CL Plus tyres.

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43% off Northwave's Extreme Tech SS Jersey
WAS £99.99 | NOW £56.39

Perfect as the temperature starts warming up, Northwave's thin, mesh-like Extreme Tech jersey could be your perfect summer cycling companion.

it's specifically designed to function excellently on hot days and is specifically designed to keep you nice and cool.

Our man Ed Mason put it through its paces and like what he saw.

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50% off SiS's Endurance Hydration 4-pack
WAS £28.00 | NOW £13.99

It's frequently an issue, nutrition gear that's designed to keep you going when you're on the bike tasting like dirt.

Fortunately that's not an issue here.

Science in Sport's GO Hydro tablets not only do the job at keeping your performance up while you're out riding, but they taste good too.

At least, that's what our man David Else had to say when he tested them.

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