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Courier put in intensive care by driver he asked to put her phone away

Cyclist suffered a lacerated liver and fractured ribs, jurors hear

Jurors are hearing a case in which a cycle courier was left thinking he was ‘going to die’ after a female motorist chased him in her car and forced him to hit a tree, a court has heard.

Damien Doughty, 37, started an argument with Justine Henshaw-Bryan, 24 when he spotted her using her phone behind the wheel in Stoke Newington, North London.

The cyclist, on his way home from a meditation session, told Wood Green crown court he admonished Henshaw-Bryan for her driving, but instead of apologising she told him to "f*** off", gestured with her middle finger, and drove away.

The court was told began "tailgating" his bike along Stoke Newington High Street in her Ford Fiesta, according to the Evening Standard.

Henshaw-Bryan admits being at the wheel during the incident, but claims her ex-boyfriend is to blame for hitting Mr Doughty.

She hit his rear wheel and sent him forward into a tree, where he suffered a lacerated liver and fractured ribs.

He spent 14 days in intensive care following the incident, and was unable to ride his bike and earn any money.

"I remember the car rear-ending me, letting out a scream as I realised what was happening", he said.

"I realised I had been hit, and within an instant I'm in a crumpled heap on the floor in extreme amounts of pain, fully aware that the car was long gone.

"I was in the most pain I have ever felt in my life", he told the court. "I couldn't stand up, I couldn't catch my breath, I knew it wasn't just that I have been winded, it was so much worse than that."

"The way the defendant was driving was a clear and obvious piece of dangerous driving which caused serious injury to the cyclist who lost controland hit the tree", said prosecutor Nigel May.

"This case involves two episodes of what is usually known as road rage.

"He could see the driver of the car was alone, she was a woman who was holding a mobile phone which she quickly moved out of sight when she saw Mr Doughty looking at her", said Mr May.

"He gave her a disapproving look and mouthed 'come on, you are on your phone'.

"He was hoping for an apology but instead she raised her middle finger and mouthed 'f***off' in reply."

We reported last year how friends set up a crowdfunding appeal to pay his rent, which despite a target of £380, made over £3,000.

Henshaw-Bryan, from Hackney, denies causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

The trial continues.

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