Tannus set to release new 25mm solid road tyre for 2017

The South Korean solid tyre makers Tannus have announced that their latest tyre will be released this summer, which has been in development for two years.

The tyre will be 700x25c, the first 25mm tyre Tannus have produced and as a result the vibration is reduced and comfort improved, smoother than their 23mm tyre and considerably faster than 28mm.

Tannus solid tyres get Ukraine National track team seal of approval 

Tannus also say it has come out faster than their Aither 1.1 tyre, released in 2015, after countless hours of testing. Much of the development time has been focused on the tread pattern, which was redesigned and rejected numerous times at Tannus’ South Korean HQ before a final design was settled on.

The new 25mm tyre has a whole new tread pattern, improving speed and comfort


The tyre is aimed squarely at road riding, and Tannus already sponsor the Ukrainian national cycling team plus some pro triathletes to use their tyres for training rides.  

Tannus tyres are made from a material called Aither, a polymer that’s similar to the soles of running shoes. As well as being completely puncture resistant they’re also long-lasting, and Tannus say you can get up to 10,000km of riding out of them. The new tyre features an upgraded version of the Aither material, said to offer more flex for greater rider comfort.

Tannus plan to launch the new tyre before Eurobike in August, and after some final checks they will go into mass production in the next couple of months. We’ll be testing the new 25mm tyre over the summer to see if the solid revolution is getting any closer to catching up with the faithful clincher in terms of speed and rolling resistance…

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