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Surrey hospitals replace car park spaces with innovative cycle hubs

A handful of parking spaces repurposed for dozens of cyclists and runners

Two Surrey hospitals – the St Helier Hospital in Carshalton and Epsom General Hospital – have replaced some of their car park spaces with bike hubs constructed out of shipping containers. The innovative facilities, designed by Active Commuting, provide bike parking, showers, lockers and changing rooms.

Active Commuting’s first facility was set up at GE Healthcare Ltd in August. The cyclist and runner hubs at the two hospitals are due to go live this week.

The hub at the St Helier Hospital will provide showers and lockers to over 100 staff, and adds another 28 secure bike parking spaces to the site.

The Epsom General Hospital hub occupies five car parking spaces and provides 40 secure bike spaces, with separate male and female showers and changing rooms above the bike park.

This is similar to the GE Healthcare hub which also takes up five parking spaces but caters to over 50 people.

Andrew Rechten, co-founder of Active Commuting, said: “The GE pod has been used every day since it was up and running in August, and the feedback has been really positive. They also helped us with some design modifications, which we put into practice with the two new sites. All together across the three hubs, over 200 people a day will be using them, leaving their cars at home.”

The firm says it also has interest from several large UK employers and is looking to export the idea to the USA and Ireland.

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BikeJon | 7 years ago

That racking looks very similar to what we have at my work (Capital One, Nottingham), although ours is about 4 times the size! We have also been furnished with a full professional toolkit and workstand and even an outdoor hose. Naturally enough we have tons of lockers and showers (we also have our own gym). It makes such a difference to commuting to have these great facilities. The more of this I see elsewhere, the more I rejoice. This hub looks a really, really good idea.

hawkinspeter | 7 years ago

Wish my work had something like this. Very nice design.

check12 | 7 years ago


ConcordeCX | 7 years ago


Freddy56 | 7 years ago

magic stuff. love this


jova54 | 7 years ago

I work in a Surrey hospital, but not either of these two. There are cycle parking cabins for individual bikes which are registered to supposed 'users' but never used  and they can't be arsed to replace the locks so other people can use them. There also aren't any general staff showers so you have to change and get sorted in  the toilets.

Rich_cb | 7 years ago

This is brilliant.

I work in a hospital with notoriously bad parking yet virtually no support for cyclists.

A ready made solution like this might even tempt the NHS managers into doing something proactive.

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