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Turbo-charged deals on Turbo Trainer from Ribble Cycles

With a snow-threatened weekend ahead, is it time to think about a turbo trainer? Tacx, Elite, Cycle Ops & Minoura models feature

We're deep into January now and the bleak weather's not letting off, and as the festive period fades into memory so will the misconceptions that spring is just around the corner.

The folks at Ribble Cycles know that there are months of winter left ahead of us, so they've slashed the prices of their range of turbo trainers to help see us through the next couple of months.

The turbos on offer on Ribble's website span the generally accepted price ranges of trainers. From the bargain Minoura B60-R all the way up to Tacx top T2080 Smart Trainer there's certainly something for everyone.

And the discounts are pretty exceptional too. With savings as high as £258 now's the time to pull the trigger on that turbo trainer dream that's been tickling your subconscious.


38% off Minoura's B60-R Trainer
RRP £149.99 | NOW £92.14

Minoura B60-R.jpg

Minoura's B60-R is the most affordable turbo in today's DealCatcher. But don't let it's comparatively low price fool you, it's a top piece of kit.

It featured in our Buyer's Guide to Turbo Trainers, which you can read below if you need some more info on what to look for in a turbo trainer, and our man David Arthur had some pretty positive things to say about it.

The Minoura uses a magnetic resistance unit with a 0.6kg dual steel disc flywheel. It offers seven levels of resistance and comes with a remote adjustment lever to allow you to keep your ride challenging without having to stop.

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36% off Tacx's T2500 Booster Trainer
RRP £233.99 | NOW £149.37

Tacx T2500.jpg

If you're after power, and a hefty discount on your purchase, today's Tacx T2500 Booster Trainer is the option for you.

The magnetic brake hidden away in Tacx's neat resistance unit generates very high power even at low speeds, which means you'll have the option of a seriously hefty work out in your own living room.

Eight permanent magnets make up the resistance unit, which Tacx claims is the most powerful brake unit for a cycle trainer." 

There are 10 resistance settings, which are changable mid-ride via the remote.


27% off Elite's Qubo Power Mag Smart B Plus Trianer
RRP £224.99 | NOW £163.39

Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B.jpg

If you're after a little more than just a workout it might be worthwhile investigating smart trainers.

All of the information about your training ride aboard Elite's Qubo Power Mag Smart B Plus Trainer will be collected by an integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth monitor which will transmit your data to other compatible devices.

There's a high output magnetic resistance unit with 8 levels of resistance.

Elite says this unit is used by World Tour Teams.

If it's good enough for them...


44% off Elite Qubo Wireless Digital Elastogel Trainer
RRP £399.99 | NOW £223.09

Elite Qubo Wireless Digital Elastogel.jpg

Another Elite unit, this one's even smarter than the last one, though.

With a focus on accuracy, the Wireless Digital Elastogel Trainer differentiates itself from the previous Elite Qubo unit in a couple of ways. 

Firstly, it features a digital display that gives you live feedback on your speed, distance, heart rate, cadence, time, and wattage.

The magnetic drive unit offers double the number of levels of resistance to the previous unit, and the Elastogel roller keeps everything quieter.


39% off Cycle Ops's Super Magnet Pro Trainer + Kit
RRP £450.00 | NOW £271.59

Cycle Ops Super Magneto.jpg

If you're a total turbo training newbie, this Cycle Ops deal might be a good one for you. 

Not only will you get the turbo trainer unit, but three very handy add-ons will accompany it.

Cycle Ops says that this kit has everything you'll need to make the most out of turbo season. The Riser Block, which we reviewed on its own, will give you plenty of options to make sure that your riding position is correct for the training that you want to do.

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The rest of the kit features a training matt to keep your sweat off the floor, and a 'Bike Thong' to keep your sweat off your bike.

The trainer itself has a number of settings to provide you with different training regimes. The Easy Setting is perfect for a warm up, the Road Setting will allow you to ride all day, the Interval Setting is great for a work-out, and the Mountian Setting is, well, you guessed it, the toughest of the lot.

As the name would suggest, the Super Magneto is a magnet resistance turbo, and we can vouch for its quality and road-like feel, we reviewed it:

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26% off Tacx's T2080 Genius Smart Trainer
WAS £699.99 | NOW £517.00

Tacx T2080.jpg

Finally, the most expensive turbo of the bunch is Tacx's 'Genius' branded T2080 Genius Smart Trainer.

For an unbelievably realistic indoor ride, the Genius's rear-wheel 1500 W motor which accurrately recreates a variety of riding conditions - including speeding up your wheel for a true descent feel - is up there with the best turbo training experiences.

The resistance unit is the most advanced of any of Tacx's, and it even behaves like a normal fluid trainer when it's not connected.

Accurate ANT+ and Bluetooth communication will keep you in the loop as to how you're performing, but overall, this is easily the most compelling package of the lot.




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