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Video: Drift Triking - mad skills on the downhills

Check out these impressive drift trikers, skidding their way, any which way, down Cheddar Gorge - on open roads to boot

Get ready for some lively downhill tricycle action, was not something we’d be expecting to say on this grey December Monday.

That was until this video turned up, skidding and spinning onto our screens from Cheddar Gorge. Get ready for Drift Triking – people hurtling down hills with only a front brake and their supreme skidding skills to save them from an encounter with a rock face or some very nasty gravel rash. Or crashing into an oncoming car on a blind bend going sideways – because, yes, the roads are still open to traffic while all this chaos is taking place.

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It must take some serious guts – and some serious skills – to manoeuvre one of these three wheelers amid the chaos of a downhill derby. There’s crashes, there’s 180s, there’s 360s, there’s two wheeled skids, and there’s an upbeat hip hop soundtrack.

Drift Triking is gaining popularity in and around Cheddar Gorge, where the sport started. Cheddar Drift Trikes has 1600-odd followers on Facebook. There are even teams, sponsored by Drift Trike clothing and equipment suppliers.

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