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Video: new fabric light range

Clever bits of tech from Frome's most fabulous bike accessory company...

Heads up! We had the opportunity to have a look at the new range of fabric lights, so we thought we'd show you what's coming, light-wise, from the Frome-based purveyor of cycling accessories.

There's a range of lights for 2017, and they're all aimed at the commuter market with the most powerful being the 300-lumen FL-300. There's some nice bits of tech in there too: both the FL-150 and the FL-300 can be used either in torch or blinky mode, and both can double as a rear light if need be. There's also a brake light function in the 30-lumen rear light that retails for £29.99.

There's not much point us slavishly going through the specs down here when Clive from fabric's parent company CSG does such a good job in the video. Watch that!

The FL-150 and the FL-300 have also been added to the beam engine for comparison with over 70 lights currently available in the UK

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