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Cycle Surgery's Bike Friday brings free drivetrain cleaning to a store near you

As part of the bike retailer's bid to claim Fridays in November for the forces of good rather than 'Black' you can get your drivetrain cleaned for free in-store...

Over the next three weeks, as we near big Black Friday and all of the commercial 'festivities' that come with it, Cycle Surgery are trying to reclaim the 'holiday' for the forces of good by offering cyclists free stuff.

Sure, they'll be getting involved in the hug deals and discounts that are customary at this time of year on the big day. 

On the Fridays in the run-up to Black Friday - which falls on the 25th this year - Cycle Surgery's in-store teams will put their skills to good use by offering free drivetrain cleaning, wheel truing, and ultimately cake.

This week it's the turn of the drivetrain cleaning team.

It's a mucky job, and is helped by having specialist tools, so if you don't fancy doing it yourself you better find yourself a Cycle Surgery store. They're really easy to find, just use the Cycle Surgery Store Finder which you can find by following this link

Clearly, there will be geographical issues for some of you, so we humbly offer you the guide to drivetrain cleaning as a consolidation.

- Read more:'s how to clean and lube your bike chain

There's plenty more to come from Cycle Surgery over the next few weeks by way of free Bike Friday stuff.

Next week you'll be able to get your wheels trued for free and the week after that it's FREE CAKE and more bike bargains than you can throw a spoke at.

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