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Buyer's Guide Bargains: Gravel & Adventure Bikes

You've used our buyer's guides to find the best bikes for you, now use's Buyer's Guide Bargains to find newer better deals on the best bikes around...

So, you've read our Buyer's Guide to gravel and adventure bikes, and you're fairly sure that long-distance comfort, disc brakes, on-road and off-road geometry, and big tyre clearance are the features that'll make your rides even better. What's next? Well, buying your new bike, of course.

In the gravel and adventure bikes Buyer's Guide our tech editor David Arthur explores all of the reasons you might want a gravel or adventure bike, what you should be looking for in a gravel or adventure bike, as well as exploring some of the very best gravel and adventure bike options available to you.

We won't go into too much detail right here as to why you might want one of these incredibly versatile bikes, or exactly what you should be looking out for, because Mr Arthur does a better job than I could at that; but what we will do is explore four of the bikes that he highlighted and where you can find them at significantly reduced prices.

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20% off Giant's Revolt 2
WAS £849.00 | NOW £678.99

Giant Revolt 2.jpg

In our Buyer's Guide David wrote about the Revolt's clearance, it's ability to take bigger wheels than most cyclocross, adventure or gravel bikes, and professed how the bike will manage gravel and dirt conditions just as well as it handlese tarmac.

The Revolt also features wider than usual ergo-shaped handlebars, full-length cable housing to keep all the muck and dirt you're bound to pick up away from delicate mechanisms, as well as a carbon fork to keep your steering light and precise.

The Revolt 2 featured here isn't the topof-the-range model, but it comes at an incredible price and features a triple chainset which will help you adapt to the stresses and strains of a first cyclcocross season - if that's what you're after.

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20% off Genesis's CdA 10
WAS £749.99 | NOW £599.99

Genesis CDA 10.jpg

Did you know, Genesis was doing adventure bikes before they were called adventure bikes? And, well, the British brand's experience in the market is clear in their CdA and Croix de Fer bikes.

This deal, on Genesis's CdA, offers incredible value, and as it featured so high up Mr Arthur's Buyer's Guide rest assured that you'll be getting excellent quality.

The bike's light weight aluminium frame carries a carbon fork, an 8-speed 11-34 tooth cassette, and two rings on the front. 


15% off Specialized's Diverge A1 CEN
WAS £650.00 | NOW £552.50

Specialized Diverge.jpg

In our Buyer's Guide David Arthur says that the 35mm tyre-ready Specialized Diverge is ready to adapt to anything you can throw at it. The models you'll buy now come equipped with 25mm and 28mm tyres, because Specialized believes that you'll use them mostly on the roads - which you probably will.

Even so, should you decide adventuring is the way you want to go, features like Zertz vibration-dampening inserts will help see you over those bumps.


35% off Norco's Search Carbon 105
WAS £2199.00 | NOW £1429.00

Norco Search 105.jpg

Finally, Canadian brand Norco has mountain bike chops, so you can rest assured that the Search Carbon 105 will handle all of the off-roading you can throw at it.

The carbon fibre frame, endurance geometry, disc brakes, and thru axels make this bike an amazing combo - especially for the now incredible price of £1429.00.

There's a Shimano Tiagra option and an Ultegra option available for a little less and a little more money, but the 105 model's combination of components offer the combination and value - we think.

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