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Look Mum No Hands opens sister venue lmnh in Whitechapel

Whitechapel bar and restaurant will have all the usual - minus bike fettling

Look Mum No Hands, the cafe/restaurant/bar cum bicycle workshop in Old Street, has opened a new sister location in Whitechapel, where customers can enjoy all the usual offerings, sans bike fettling.

Lmnh is now open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, both eaten in chic stripped-down surroundings, or taken away.

Based at the Loom, a workspace and art space, Lmnh has wifi, Square Mile coffee, Canton Tea, and cake by the fistful.

For the after work crowd, a large selection of London brewed bottled beers and a regularly changing selection on draught from the likes of Kernel, Beavertown, Redchurch & Howling Hops is available. Lmnh says spirits, cocktails and wine will be on the menu soon as well.


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captain_slog | 7 years ago

There was a second branch in Hackney but it had to close as the landlord had other plans. So they're as much victims of gentrification as perpetrators.

The Old Street Look Mum No Hands is an institution and my favourite place to watch a big event. Maybe not the very best coffee in an area well served by outstanding cafes: Ozone would probably be my preferred destination if all I wanted was an espresso. Fewer choices in Whitechapel, although a fascinating location. There's the art gallery, the Cable Street mural, Wilton's Music Hall and Hawksmoor's stunning St George in the East.

I'll defintely be going. There's a bike propped against the counter in the picture so presumably they don't mind that, if parking it elsewhere is a problem. The only difficulty I have is how to pronounce the name. The original is routinely referred to as Elemenaitch, so maybe the new non-majuscule incarnation is lumnuhuh.

thioether | 7 years ago

I live round the corner. Thought it would be nice to visit whe i first saw it but there's FA to interest me now. There's no new bike parking unfortunately, so you'll have to risk it next to the mopeds and their rack. 

If any of you feel like dropping in, there's a decent pub just over the road. 

Prosper0 | 7 years ago
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Wow. No bikes? Sellouts. 

nowasps | 7 years ago

Looks like a nice place.


But don't get me wrong. I'm outraged.

EddyBerckx | 7 years ago
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LMNH old street is a really cool place. Really good coffee, decent food, beer (all London prices, but not extortionate) and lots of cycling related stuff in there. The workshop is really good too, pretty cheap and they'll try to sort you out asap If you're in a rush like a proper LBS.


the Whitechapel place according to my friends who visited it the other day doesn't even have bike parking...pretty rules it out as a bike cafe in my opinion

MikeOnABike | 7 years ago

So F.A. to do with bikes. Just a nice free advertorial for another gentrifing, expensive, hipster hang-out in Whitechapel.

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