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Video: Smiling tricycle rider holds-up highway

A cyclist in Philadelphia disrupted traffic last week as he took to highway aboard a big wheel drift trike

Big wheel drift trikes aren't known for their straight line speed, their power transfer efficiency or their suitability for highway travel. In fact cycling in all of its manifestations is against the law on Philadelphia highways; which makes this video doubly baffling.

Last week a man was caught on camera riding a drift trike down the Roosevelt Boulevard highway in Philedelphia USA, holding up traffic, avoiding apprehension and drawing expletive-ridden abuse from drivers.

The trike he was riding is specifically designed to be ridden down steep hills where it can pick up speed and drift around corners. The front wheel pedal system doesn't offer much in the way of self-propelled top speed but, as you can see from the video, that doesn't appear to phase the cyclist.

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Akeem Edwards was driving his vehicle in the traffic that was being held up by the tricyclist, and he gave a comment to NBC New York.

“I just so happened to maneuver my way to the front of the traffic and I saw the guy on the trike,” Mr Edwards said. “I’m like, ‘what the heck?

“He actually looked at me and he smiled as he was rolling by,”

Meanwhile another interviewee of NBC's gave his opinion on the matter.

Alleged cyclist Al Walton Jr. said: "Not only is it dangerous, it's insane. And without a helmet."

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BikeBud | 7 years ago

"Pointless shit story of the week" award goes to Elliot Johnston.  

Pub bike replied to BikeBud | 7 years ago
BikeBud wrote:

"Pointless shit story of the week" award goes to Elliot Johnston.  

Yes but very amusing.

brooksby | 7 years ago

All these people filming this heinous (and helmetless) interloper using their phones whilst driving along the highway...

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