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Cyclist who fails to 'hang back' punished by London bus driver

VIDEO: Female cyclist forced off the road when she hesitates at a green light

A London ‘Boris bus’ driver has been caught on camera punishing a woman cyclist for not hanging behind it.

The cyclist is seen moving to the front of the bus at a junction, but as the lights turn green the driver pushes past her, forcing her to jump up onto the kerb to avoid being crushed.

The helmet cam cyclist who posted the video online, Silvio Diego, wrote: “Another success story of the ‘Hang Back’ campaign, bus drivers think they’re entitled to nudge into the pavement any cyclist who is not willing to ‘Hang Back’.

“Bus driver saw this cyclist but maybe because she took a second to realize the lights were green he decided to nudge her into the pavement and out of his way. Appalling driving and hope TFL and DFT take notice.”

We recently reported how the Department for Transport (DfT) has said it has “no plans to withdraw” its controversial ‘Hang Back’ cycle safety video which was widely criticised by cycling campaigners when it was launched last week, despite a call from Cycling UK to withdraw it.

The charity, which has accused the DfT of “victim blaming” through the film, last week wrote to transport minister Andrew Jones to call for it to be pulled and to urge the department to work alongside cycling campaigners on safety messages, but its appeal has been rebuffed.

It said that DfT officials this week told it: “The level of criticism is unfortunate, however we have no plans to withdraw the video.”

The film seeks to warn cyclists about the danger posed by a lorry turning left – although the footage appears to show the vehicle’s driver overtaking the rider shortly before a junction, giving him no choice but to be caught on the inside of the vehicle.

Silvio Diego commented: “The Department for Transport’s (DfT) THINK campaign has come under heavy criticism for releasing a video which appears to blame a cyclist for a collision with a left turning lorry.

“The clip, which shows a number of colliding forces in slow motion, including a butcher chopping meat and two rams butting each other, interspersed with snippets of a cyclist riding on the inside of a left-turning lorry, begins with the caption “things you shouldn’t get caught between”, and ends with images of a bicycle crushed under HGV wheels.

“The controversial Department for Transport (DfT) road safety film released earlier towards the end of September shifts responsibility away from the person doing harm, and that parts of it appear ‘to seek to make entertainment out of death.’”

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