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Videos: Mega time trial & MTB crashes + Uber care

The video round-up is back exploring the world of competitive cycling crashes plus stunning shots of mountains and Amsterdam

What are Friday afternoons made for? Cycling videos, of course. But you all knew that already, so let's get straight to the action.

This is a high octane issue of the video round-up, so it should be the perfect thing to gee you up for a commute home and a solid #mycyclingweekend.

First up Sam Henning makes a splash as he winds up in a ditch during a time trial, we then watch Bernard Kerr wind his way down a Snowdonian mountainside on his way to the RedBull Hardline title.

The next couple of videos after that are also RedBull Hardline videos - a POV run of Kerr's winning ride and a crash compilation from the event - followed by a stunning look at the Haute Route aboard a singlespeed Bianchi.

The final three videos feature a 10ft tour of Amsterdam - aboard a stick aboard a bike - some great educational videos from an unlikely source, and an oldie-but-goodie video of a home made open motor-equipped bike.


Massive TT crash into a water-filled ditch

Time trials tend to see riders pushing themselves to the absolute limit. When you mix that sort of pressure with obstacles like cross winds, things can sometimes get a little hairy.

Things got pretty hairy - and mossy, grassy, and wet - for Sam Henning, a rider for HMT with JLT Condor Cycling Team, who crashed pretty spectacularly in the Keizer Der Juniores TT last weekend.

He seemed to be fine though.


Red Bull Hardline - winning run & POV

Just in case you missed it, last weekend was Red Bull's Hardline event - arguably the season's most difficult down hill mountain biking event.

Mr Bernard Kerr took the accolades with this stunning run, which you can watch as the world saw it, or how he saw it below:


Red Bull Hardline - crash compilation

Of course, while the event saw plenty of stunning rides, like Mr Kerr's above, it saw its fair share of wobbles too.

Here's a selection to quench your crash thirst.


Beautiful Bianchi & beautiful Haute Route

The Haute Route, one of the most beautiful stretches of road between French mountain ski resort Chamonix and Swiss resort Zermatt, is the subject of this video.

Well the subject line is somewhat shared here. This is a beautifully shot peek at the simplistic beauty of a classic Bianchi made into a singlespeed tackling these classic climbs.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Amsterdam by bike and stick

From trecking along one of the most famous cycling routes, to trecking around one of the most famous cycling cities.

We talk a lot about Amsterdam as a cycling haven. We also talk about the sheer numbers of cyclists and the cycling culture around the town, but without visiting it's not easy to get a good idea of exactly what the city feels like.

This is the closest we've come to finding that Amsterdam feeling without actually being there.

The cyclist appears to be using a giant stick to film this - not that that means anything, we just thought it was cool. It certainly adds a nice perspective to the video.


Uber helps educate drivers on cycle safety

This is what we like to see. Whether you agree with all of the messages portrayed in this video, you'd be hard pressed to disagree with the overall message Uber are peddling here.

The ride sharing/taxi replacement company has looked for all sorts of ways to incorporate cycling into its ethos - whether that's hiring drivers with bike racks, or offering deliveroo-esque courier services - we're pleased its doing its bit to promote safe cycling conditions too.


Homemade open crank motorised bicycle


Finally, we're aware this video's three years old, but it's somehow evaded the video round-up.

We're going to close our eyes and ignore the safety implications and the efficiency issues and just express how cool we think it is.

It' is cool, eh?

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mikemorini | 7 years ago

Open crank, no brakes, whats not to like?

It's like going back to the dawn of the motorcycle.

dafyddp | 7 years ago

No wonder Black Cab and Addison Lee drivers are up in arms against Uber - that video contradicts every principle they hold dear.

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