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Chris Boardman says mum's 'needless' death has strengthened his campaigning resolve

Says he has become irrationally worried about his family riding bikes “even though statistically I know it’s safe”

Chris Boardman has said that the death of his mother has strengthened his resolve in campaigning for a better cycling network, reports the Daily Post. Carol Boardman was killed in a road traffic collision in North Wales in July. “You wonder whether, if we had space to do it, would that have happened?” he said.

Speaking on Radio Five Live, Boardman said of his mother’s death: “It’s desperately, horribly ironic really, considering what I do for a living. My mum was out riding her bike, doing something she loved. I won’t talk about it much because I am still coming to terms with it and there is still an investigation, but it is a needless death which is such a shame.”

Boardman joined 10 of Team GB’s medal winning cyclists from Rio in writing to Prime Minister Theresa May this week. The letter said that the best way to honour the cyclists’ achievements would be to put in place “a legacy of every-day cycling” underpinned by investment of 5 per cent of the transport budget.

He said of his campaigning for improved cycle infrastructure:

“It was something that my mum believed in. Her death doesn’t change anything. It perhaps strengthens my resolve, but it was something that we already believed in.

“That’s the place we want to live, where people get around by bikes and walking. The bit that makes me angry is that I’m more irrationally worried about my family now, about them riding bikes, even though statistically I know it’s safe.

“It doesn’t look it and feel it and that’s enough for me to say I’m not doing this until something changes, and it should change because it’s just good for everybody. It’s not for cyclists, that’s the point, it’s for all of us normal people.”

Boardman also reflected on his trip to Copenhagen last year when he discussed what can be learned from Danish cycling infrastructure with Minister for Cyclling Robert Goodwill.

“Funnily enough, they have half the obesity problem that we have. So it’s all totally doable if there is a desire to do it. It’s the cheapest form of transport as well in times of austerity, not just to use, but for the infrastructure as well.”

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gunswick | 7 years ago

CB for transport minister!

vonhelmet | 7 years ago
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We won't have to worry about how much the NHS costs once it's been privatised...

hugheke | 7 years ago

Now mrchrispy, where you and Mr B are going wrong is you're applying common sense to the issue, and as we all know, ccommon sense has been legislated out of existence. If it doesn't appeal to the masses (votes), make money, or inflate an ego of someone in a position of influence, it prob won't happen. sigh. (and I am a person optimistic in nature.....)

So sorry for your loss Chris.

mrchrispy | 7 years ago

so let me get this straight.....we invest in the cheapest form of transport infrastructure which in turn we reduce the obisity problem resulting in a healthier population which will reduce the demand on the NHS (and a healthier population is a happier population).   

thats crazy talk....brun the witch. 


As a nation we are just dumb!

I have a serious amount of time for CB, he'd get my vote.



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