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Edinburgh Council agrees to create West to East cycle link – but doubts still remain over exact route

Two options still on table for Roseburn segment of route

Members of Edinburgh Council's Transport and Environment Committee have agreed to proceed with a proposed cycle route through the city centre. The City Centre West to East Link, which was formerly known as the Roseburn to Leith Walk cycle route, will be a protected cycle way to and through the city centre.

There remain two different options for the design of the Roseburn segment of the route with the majority of the city’s ‘Active Travel Forum’ members supporting Option A but a strong preference for Option B “amongst local businesses and Community Councils."

Option A takes a more direct route through Roseburn, while Option B requires cyclists to cross main roads and then use a back route.

Campaign group Spokes proclaimed itself “gravely disappointed that the council is not immediately to press ahead with option A at Roseburn.”

A new working will be set up to try and resolve the issue.

Petitions for and against Edinburgh protected cycle route

The day before the council took its decision, Edinburgh cyclists staged a mass ride in support of Option A.



Transport Convener Councillor Lesley Hinds said:

“We remain 100% committed to delivering this bold and transformational project, which will make it so much easier to cycle into and through the city centre by linking up with our already well-used cycle routes across the north and west of Edinburgh.

"Given the strength of feeling out there about certain aspects of the plans, there's clearly still work to be done before the final route design is agreed.

"This new stakeholder group will allow all interested parties to get round the table and thrash out the remaining issues, listening to each other's points of view and - hopefully - arriving at a conclusion which the majority are happy with so that the final route design can be agreed."

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riotgibbon | 7 years ago

I went to Edinburgh for the first time last week, I was shocked. We were staying down at the showground, and there was a local bus service. We could get the 20/21/22 down into town, but only the First buses - there were also Lothian 20/21/22  buses at the same stop, but they went a different way. There was also a 38 bus, but they came at the same time as the (First) 2x, at night they would both come at the same time, then you would wait an hour for the next ones

what a total disorganised shambles, I just can't reconcile the magnificence of the city with a bus service that would shame rural Hampshire 

tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

That's cool actually, will add enlightened

bikebot | 7 years ago
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Twitter user @PidginPosting is useful for anyone interested in this. Frequently tweets from the local public meetings, with the necessary mix of frustration and dark comedy. 


tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

It's Edinburgh Council. This will take years, cost a billion, and end up being a mess that cyclists are taking shortcuts from because the council went for the slowest and least safe route. 

For an experiment we should get 7 goats, 1 llama and put them in the council buildings for a year, replacing all the councillors - and see if the city is better or worse off at the end of it. I'm guessing not much would be different.


Sincerely. I really don't think the city would be much different. 

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