Cyclist thanks bike thief for potentially saving their life

The Aberdeen cyclist left a note beside the stolen bike saying due to a sudden onset of dizzy spells, cycling could have resulted in a serious crash

A cyclist in Aberdeen has thanked the thief who stole their front wheel for potentially saving their life.

In a printed message left by a set of bike racks on Broad Street, the anonymous author of the missive says they began suffering acute dizzy spells, and could have fallen off had they been cycling when the first one struck.

The victim of the theft, who describes the bike as “second hand, recycled” and “inexpensive” reported the matter to police, and warned others to beware of a “mean hearted git vandalising bicycles”.

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The letter, spotted by the Evening Express, says: “…around the same time as my bicycle wheel was stolen I started to get serious dizzy spells, and in one instance nearly fell over and couldn’t see properly while walking casually down the street.

“If I had been cycling at that moment on a busy road with traffic, I would of fallen from my bicycle and possibly been killed or hurt very badly!

“… so this is a genuine thanks to the bicycle thief, because at the moment I have no bicycle and can’t cycle until I find out why I keep having these funny turns.”

The thief apparently unbolted the front wheel before someone tried unsuccessfully to pull it from the rack several days later. The bike’s owner says they left it there “because the police wanted to inspect the bicycle before I touched it”.


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