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Video: Driver rear-ends Traffic Droid... proving even hi-vis can't save you from some people

How could someone not see him?

One of the latest videos published by well-known London helmet cam cyclist, Traffic Droid, shows him being hit from behind by a driver despite being stationary and despite it being broad daylight.

Cyclists don’t come much more conspicuous than Traffic Droid. With his hi-vis jacket and array of cameras, he cuts a distinctive figure and you’d think he’d be hard to miss.

Sadly for him, this particular driver didn’t miss.

Fortunately, it was a relatively low speed shunt and Traffic Droid says he suffered only a damaged wheel and a banged toe.

Writing in the comments below the YouTube video, he says that while the driver was apologetic, he has yet to pay for the rear wheel.

Maybe Traffic Droid should consider wearing a bikini if he wants to ensure drivers spot him.

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