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BBC takes a look inside the Brompton and Brooks factories

Documentary shows how a bike is made

The latest episode of the BBC’s Inside the Factory programme focuses on bicycles. Currently available on the iPlayer, the hour-long programme sees presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey pay a visit to the Brompton factory and Wallace also heads to Birmingham to see Brooks saddles being produced.

The Brompton factory produces 150 folding bicycles every 24 hours. Wallace follows the production line from start to finish to see how they’re put together. He also makes a brief and fearful attempt at brazing a bike frame together. Other highlights include him holding two wheels aloft before accurately if somewhat inexplicably exclaiming “wheels!”

The episode also includes a segment on what’s being done to make roads safer for cyclists (with particular focus on HGVs); a few beginners’ tips from Team GB on how to improve cycling speed and efficiency; as well as a look at the history of bikes. There’s a bit on eBikes towards the end too.

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