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Croydon considers ending cycling ban in parks

Sustrans proposals could mean new green cycle routes in South London

Cycling could be allowed in parks in Croydon again, after the council announced that it would be reviewing a ban in three of the most popular parks, Lloyd Park, Park Hill Park and Wandle Park.

Croydon Council says that it now believes the parks could be an important green travel route, part of the COnnect2 project to create a travel network, part funded by Sustrans and TfL.

The council says that although there is a legal restriction on riding in the parks at the moment, it "exercises discretion” when it comes to enforcement.

Under the new consultation, which can be viewed here, there would be new paths, trees planted and rules that cyclists should stick to a 10mph limit and give way to pedestrians.

The council said: “Enforcement is carried out by Croydon’s neighbourhood safety officers. Where the officers come across cyclists who do not comply with the requirements under which the privilege is extended, the cyclists will be told, in writing, that the privilege is withdrawn and if they are again found in the park using their bicycle they will be prosecuted for failure to comply with the byelaws. Cyclists will be able to appeal a written warning and/or withdrawal of the privilege.”

When setting out the case for the new paths, the council said they would mean:

  • the improvement of access to Park Hill recreation ground;
  • better connections to local cycling routes;
  • being able to use funding specifically set aside to improve cycle paths;
  • overcoming significant challenges to cycling, such as busy main roads, and railway lines; and
  • creating a safer and more pleasant environment for cyclists of all abilities and experience.

In response to residents' concerns that Wandle and Park Hill Park would remain open at night, the council has said opening times would not change under the plans.

It is hoped the plans will be passed by the council in December, and if the green light is given, construction of the paths could take up to 10 weeks.


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brooksby | 7 years ago
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I'm not sure how a 10 mph limit and 'give way to all pedestrians' would work, mind...

Simontuck | 7 years ago
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I grew up near Lloyd's Park and rode many miles through there and out into Shirley Hills both on a road bike and later a mountain bike. I developed great bike handling skills and learnt how to look after my bike and fix mechanical issues. I had independence. I'm not sure my kids are going to have the same freedom where I live now, but we are moving soon to a better place for cycling so fingers crossed.

Neil Philpott | 7 years ago
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I would prefer that they move the cycle route away from the tram lines in East Croydon - safety first. 

handlebarcam | 7 years ago

Croydon has parks? I thought it was all concrete and piss.

bikebot replied to handlebarcam | 7 years ago
handlebarcam wrote:

Croydon has parks? I thought it was all concrete and piss.

I think they meant car parks.

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