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Massive cycling deals on Specialized gear from Cycle Store!

72% off a Specialized bike accessories bundle + HUGE reductions on shoes & jerseys, Cannondale & Dual sunglasses

The deals just keep on coming here at the DealCatcher, and today Cycle Store are getting in on the act.

The selection of deals from Cycle Store today feature a number of excellent Specialized products - with discounts as high as 72%, as well as a great offer on a Cannondale helmet and a pair of bifocal Dual sunglasses.

So, without further ado, let's tuck in:


72% off Specialized's Starter Kit
WAS £49.99 | NOW £13.99

Specialized Starter Kit.jpg

First up is arguably the best value deal of the day.

Whether you've just joined the club and you're looking to equip your bike with some essentials, or you're suddenly finding yourself in the market for a saddle bag, travel pump, bottle cage, or tyre irons, the value that this deal offers should at least make you stop for thought.

At most, it should lead you to reach for your wallet, because £14 for Specialized's Airtool mini frame pump alone is a decent deal - you'll often find them priced at around £16 on their own.

On top of that you'll get Specialized's Mini-Wedgie bag which has a volume of 48.5 cubic inches and a water resistant upper and zipper, Specialized's Alloy Zee Cage which features easy 'in-and-out' with its side-loading design, and a set of EMT Pro tyre levers.


55% off Cannondale's Cypher Helmet
WAS £99.99 | NOW £44.99

Cannondale Cypher Helmet.jpg

Now, high quality, expensive helmets can often be difficult to justify. Close to £100 is a lot of money to shell out for something that can only be 'used' once.

We're not about to weigh in on the helmet debate, and you can't really put a price on your health, life, and wellbeing, but when you get a chance to get your hands on a top quality helmet for a cheap helmet's price, you've got to pay attention.

We can attest to this helmet's quality too. It got a 9/10 on review - well it's aero version did.

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50% off Specialized's SL Elite SS Jersey
WAS £79.99 | NOW £39.99

Specialized SL Elite SS Jersey.jpg

Two options of Specialized jersey are also available in today's DealCatcher.

The first is the most season-appropriate jersey on offer today - the Specialized SL Elite jersey. 

The short sleeved jersey offers sensational comfort thanks to the highly elasticated SL 100 fabric which also has a Hydrofit finish and UPF +50 UV protection to keep you safe and dry.


50% off Specialized's Element Pro Racing Long Sleeve Jersey
WAS £84.99 | NOW £42.49

Specialized Element Pro Racing Long Sleeve Jersey.jpg

The other option today will feel like more of an investment than something you might be able to enjoy immediately - but we expect these jerseys to be a little more expensive come autumn.

Buying unseasonal clothing might seem mad to some of you, but we know plenty of you - and plenty of us in the office - tend to buy our clothes out of season to get the best price.

So, if you're planning on riding  a lot in the autumn and winter months, checking out this breathable yet water repellant Platino 285 polyester fabric jersey might be to your benefit.


40% off Dual's G5 Bifocal Sunglasses
WAS £49.99 | NOW £29.99

Dual G5 Bifocal Sunglasses.jpg

Chosing the right sunglasses can be tough for cyclists. Do you want a frame, do you want changable lenses, do they offer protection from UV rays, wind, rain, dust?

To help you make these tough decisions, we've put together a buyer's guide to help you and why we include a little bit of advice every time we write about sunglasses in the DealCatcher.

Buying a pair of bifocal sunglasses for cycling in is essential for those of you who have trouble seeing long distances, but want to also keep everything nearby in focus.

Dual offer a fantastic range of bifocal sunglasses, including these G5s at a +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 magnification.

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30% off Specialized's Expert Road Shoe 2016
WAS £159.99 | NOW £111.99

Specialized Expert Road Shoe.jpg


Finally, Specialized's Expert Road Shoe offer incredible stiffness, fantastic weight, and brilliant performance for a - now - very reasonable price.

Specialized trademarked Boa dial adjustability and their FACT carbon/composite fibre soles offer excellent comfort and efficient power transfer, while the light supple thermobonded upper keeps the fit close to perfect.

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