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Martyn Ashton and Danny MacAskill on ITV's Real Stories tonight

Riders to appear on ITV reality show about inspirational against the odds human interest stories

Martyn Ashton will appear alongside Danny MacAskill and Gee Atherton on ITV tonight as part of the series Real Stories.

World-famous trials rider and star of Road Bike Party I and II, Ashton took to a specially-modified downhill mountain bike after a serious injury left him unable to walk. In June indomitable Ashton rode the Fort William Downhill course on the new bike.

The show will air at 7.30pm today on ITV, presented by Ranvir Singh, the first episode of the second series, which presents three inspirational stories per episode. ITV warns you’ll need tissues.

Video: Martyn Ashton rides Fort William Downhill course

Ashton continues to be an inspiration to riders around the world, including Danny MacAskill.

MacAskill says “Martyn has been my hero ever since the age of eleven. Martyn is an elite rider but for him to be doing it on this bike is pretty amazing”.


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