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The Dirty B*****d #mycyclingweekend

Clean up your act this #mycyclingweekend & WIN some Muc-Off Shower Scrub

It's been a tough week for about half the population in the UK; pretty much the entire government too. It's time to wash all of that away though and head out for a squeaky clean #mycyclingweekend - you've got the chance to win some shower scrub via Cycle Surgery too!

If you've been eating clean in a bid for fitness, getting mucky on some off-road riding, or giving your bike a good scrub, whatever state you, your bike, or your diet is in, share it with us this #mycyclingweekend.

It's not all for nothing - not that sharing the joy of cycling is nothing - because you could win yourself a lovely tube of Muc-off's finest Shower Scrub shower gel thanks to our friends over at Cycle Surgery.



Clean up this #mycyclingweekend

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Here are some photos that should work as a little bit of inspiration for you all. Whether you're planning on eating dirty like Zer0sandones, or cruising out on a spotless bike like otonnberg, share your ride with us!

Remember though, to enter the competition you must remember to include BOTH the #mycyclingweekend hashtag AND the #CycleSurgery hashtag. If you forget either one your chances of winning will be zero.

Happy riding!















Never ending supply of butt photos #foreverbuttphotos: @itsneilb

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