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Great cycling deals on protein, bike racks, and CO2 pumps

The DealCatcher's got some great deals on bits and bobs for you and your bike!...

We're all about helping you enjoy riding your bike here at, and the DealCatcher is no different. What's more, the bits and bobs he's got for you in today's deal round-up should help you do just that.

If you're planing to do a lot of riding, or you're planning on going on holiday, or you're planning on spending as little time as possible at the side of the road mending punctures this summer, all of our deals today should help.

Science in Sport's Rego Recovery Protein gets things under way. It'll help you get back on the bike no matter how many miles you put into your legs.

Then your holiday options have the potential to expand with the purchase of Thule Sweden's excellent Euroway G3 923 Towbar Cycle Carrier.

And finally Radial Cycles's Micro Vapour CO2 Inflater will get you moving much quicker than normal should one of your summer rides be rudely interrupted by a puncture.


Science in Sport

2-for-1 on SiS's REGO Rapid Recovery Powder - 1kg tub
WAS £47.98 | NOW £23.99

SiS Rego Rapid Recovery Protein.png

Science in Sport have a wide ranging selection of proteins and energy drinks that are fantastic companions to those of you who fancy taking your cycling a little more seriously - or those of you who just want to make your cycling a little easier.

We've reviewed SiS's Rego Protein Bars, and SiS's Whey Protein tubs, both of which got very favourable reviews from our esteemed reviewers.

You can check both of them out here:

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21% off Thule Sweden's AB Euroway G3 923 Towbar Cycle Carrier
WAS £329.99 | NOW £259.99

Thule Sweden Euroway G3 923 Towbar rack.jpg

As we've said already, if you're planning on going on holiday with your bikes this summer, the DealCatcher can help!

Here, well over at Decathlon, you can buy Thule Sweden's fantastic Euroway G3 923 Towbar Cycle Carrier, which can hold three bikes safely on the back of your car.

Not only do Thule have a history of good reviews on, the Euroway G3 is one of Decathlon's best sellers.

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Radial Cycles

47% off Radial Micro Vapor CO2 Pump
WAS £14.99 | NOW £7.99

Radial Cycles Micr Vapour CO2 pump.jpg

Finally, if you want to spend as little time by the side of the road as possible this summer, here's the deal for you.

Radial Cycles have their excellent Micro Vapor CO2 Inflater on sale at almost half price.

Our man Shaun Audane reviewed it last year and called it a "very efficient roadside inflator."

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