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Video: Deer demolishes mountain biker on South Downs

A cyclist on the Wiggle South Downs Epic sportive gets sideswiped by a deer that comes out of nowhere

A cyclist taking part in the Wiggle South Downs Epic mountain bike sportive this Sunday had to take a bit of break after a collision with a deer left him dazed.

The incident was caught on camera by fellow mountain biker and YouTuber Jakub Jalowiec who was immediately behind the hit-and-bound victim.

The incident took place somewhere between East Dean and Fontwell, towards the southern edge of the South Downs.

In the comments below the video on Youtube, Jalowiec noted how much he enjoyed the ride, He wrote that there were "plenty of climbs and downhill sections. Not forgetting the wildlife lol."

We were disappointed at the absence of a slow-motion replay so that we could effectively analyse the impact. So, being the resourceful types that we are here at we created a 3-second GIF of the collision so that you can replay the moment to your heart's content.

Bicycles and cyclists don't tend to pollute to the same extent as most road users and their vehicles, therefore you'd think nature would let off a bit.

In reality, nature is indiscriminate. Sure, it's not personal, but we can't help but feel like Mother Nature and her armies of creatures and critters have it out for cyclists every time we see videos like these:

Just this week we saw a Californian cyclist literally collide with a bear. The rider in question was Instagram user Davis Souza who was unhurt, but was concerned about the bear that he hit, saying that he couldn't "ask if it was alright or anything."

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Kangaroos have also been known to cause cyclists trouble. The most recent example on however saw a kangaroo come to an unfortunate end in something of a kamakazee attack on a group of cyclists.

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