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Help aspiring Olympians reach their dreams through crowdfunding

A new GoFundMe drive has begun, raising money to support Olympic hopefuls on their ‘Road to Rio’.

GoFundMe, the crowdfunding website, has created campaigns to help pay for training and travel for athletes around the world who are aspiring to attend the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August.

Almost $400,000 has been raised on the crowdfunding website for athletes over the past several months as they work to qualify and compete in Brazil.

To help these Olympic hopefuls, GoFundMe has created a hub to showcase the athletes fundraising to compete in the summer games.

Athletes include Kendall Farnham, a Triathlete from the USA, who says:

“Although I have qualified to represent the USA, I need to find sponsors to fund my participation (the excitement of qualifying for Team USA soon dissipated when I was told that I had to find the financing).

“Thus, it’s time to find some sponsors and get some better equipment! Team USA allows me to “sell” logo space on my team uniform and promote my sponsors in any other ways that benefit us all.”

The equipment and resources that I need are:
 - Clip on bike shoes
 - Triathlon bike
 - Racing wheels
 - Wet suit
 - Goggles
 - Uniform
 - Trainer
 - Air fare to World Championships
 - Lodging at the Team accommodations

Rob Solomon, CEO of, said: “As a former athlete myself, it’s exciting to see these young competitors on the road to Rio turn to GoFundMe to achieve their dreams. I hope others are inspired to join our giving community and support these athletes.”

To date, GoFundMe fundraisers have raised more than £1 billion for a whole host of different causes from medical expenses, education costs, volunteer programmes, youth sports to funerals & memorials.

Last year we reported how Martyn Ashton fans raised almost £28,000 in just over 20 hours after they found out he was selling his Colnago C59 Disc road bike to pay for ongoing care.

The much-loved star of Road Bike Party and Road Bike Party 2, which have received more than 28 million YouTube views, suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury in 2013 that left him paralysed from the waist down. He was planning on selling the bike that starred in Road Bike Party 2, to pay for much-needed but costly rehabilitation equipment, when fans intervened.

The original £7,000 GoFundMe target was exceeded almost four times, and Martyn Ashton said he was speechless at the response.

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