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Video: Trio kidnap Boris Bike, cycle Cardiff-London in 24 hours

They came. They were unprepared. They cycled. But did they make it?

Three friends “kidnapped” a Boris Bike and attempted to cycle from Cardiff to London in 24 hours.

The trio, from Perspective Pictures, took a Santander Cycles bike to Cardiff Bay, and took it in turns to cycle the approximately 170 miles to London. The only problems were, they didn’t know the route, at least one hadn’t cycled in ages, and none of them had slept much.

Dramatic moments include a battle with severe cramp, the agony of choice between a pitch black towpath and dual carriageway, and feeling “like a paralysed monkey that hasn’t slept”.

Mystery of Boris Bike returned 18 months late

One did the ride in skinny jeans. After just 18 miles of cycling, the one who hadn’t cycled in ages, decided he couldn’t ride any further, before calling for backup and asking if they could come and get him.  

“I’ve been cycling for like five minutes, and already I’m exhausted,” he said at the start of his shift.

The regular cyclist seems to have had a better time, though some hills proved too hefty for the three speed, 23kg bike, which is rather better suited to London’s flat streets.

Nonetheless, there are some pretty neat (or “tidy”, as they say in Cardiff) skills on display – one manages to stand on the saddle while the bike is moving.

They may have been ill prepared, but Chapeau! for the effort.

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