Employer has previously said that he won’t be dismissed

An Edinburgh taxi driver who was caught on camera cutting up a cyclist before later swinging a punch at him has had his licence suspended. City Cab driver Brian Allen, 69, had already been fined £360 plus costs and had his driving licence endorsed with nine penalty points following the incident last August.

Helmet cam footage showed Allen passing a cyclist closely triggering an exchange of words. He then drove ahead and got out of his vehicle to wait with his fist raised in the middle of the road.

The taxi driver admitted one charge of driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for others and a second assault charge when he appeared in Edinburgh Sheriff Court on April 14. The BBC reports that he was admonished and dismissed for the assault charge.

City of Edinburgh Council has now suspended his licence. Councillors will decide whether he should lose it permanently in June.

Speaking to The Telegraph last month, City Cabs company secretary Les McVay said Allen would not be dismissed.

"He has been a driver for many years with no points on his licence. He has had a long and distinguished career as a driver and he will continue to work.

"The red mist came down and what happened is regrettable. It has caused him quite a lot of angst and has affected him and his family.

"At the moment we have 40 cabs with CCTV but we want to expand that because it defuses situations like this from the outset."

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