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Kinesis Decade Tripster schwag: we have a winner!

Tell us what bike your ride and win a Kinesis Decade Tripster frameset worth £500

Unprecedented amounts of interest in this one, and some very interesting bikes y'all are riding out there. We'll put them all into a big spreadsheet or pie chart or something when we've got a bit of time. That's not now though, what with our Fantasy Tour de France game requiring our attention and the randomiser blinking and bleeping in our ear. Ah, it's stopped bleeping. What's that you say, randomiser? An eighties football legend is walking away with the prize?

That's right! step forward Luther Blissett (not, judging by the email address, the actual real Luther Blissett). You're our winner!

Commiserations to those of you who have missed out this time but don't forget you can win £300 of Rose Bikes cycling kit at the moment right here, and there's also the just-unwrapped Fantasy Tour de France game with a £600 KHS road bike up for grabs for the best Directeur Sportif out there. And more schwag on the way! Stay tuned...


Bike Week approaches, seven days of celebrating cycling in all its forms, so what better way of doing just that than by winning a truly cool frameset designed to give you ultimate cycling versatility - the Kinesis Tripster. All you've got to do is tell us what bike you ride in the comment field below, if you've got more than one bike you only need mention your main one (you can list 'em all too if you want though).

The Tripster is designed to be  fast, precise and adapatable – in fact that's the motto on the top tube. This is a supremely versatile frame made from double butted 7005 series aluminium that can be built up loads of different ways and will do the business whatever role you build it up for.

You can set it up with 700c wheels and drops, or as a 26in wheeled machine with slicks, or as a all terrain commuter/weekend racer with 700x33 cross tyres. Or any combination of the three that suits. Pretty much any way you build it up the Tripster makes an ideal fast commuter, the design is based on the highly successful Kinesis Crosslight frames but with some commuter friendly touches such as a slightly taller head tube for a more upright traffic-scoping riding position.

Our lucky winner gets the choice of either an Aqua Blue or Supergloss Black frameset in a size to suit and to make you look even more the part there's some Decade Ts in the mix too, all courtesy of our friends at Upgrade. If you want to get an idea of what you can do with it check out our other Tripster gallery.

Cos it's such a good prize we'll be running it through Bike Week and we'll pick the winner at tiffin time next Friday (25th), Usual Schwag Grab Rules apply, and remember all you have to do is comment and tell us what bike you ride… why? Well, we're just nosey really plus is supposed to be a site for all types of cyclists who ride on the roads and we want to find out how we're getting on.

To can find out more about the Tripster and the Decade range of bikes visit the Kinesis Decade website

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