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Great cycling deals on Cube, Skins, and Northwave

Compression clothing, base layers, and 9/10 rated Cube bikes - it's the DealCatcher!...

Underwear is the name of the game in today's DealCatcher - specifically socks and baselayers - plus a few bike options from Cycle Surgery including a bike we gave 9/10 to!

Getting things underway is that 9/10 rated bike. It's Cube's Litening C68 Pro Blackline, which is a model that rolled through our doors back in September. Our man Ed Mason loved it, he gave it an incredible 9/10 - you'll be able to read his review if you scroll down a little.

Then we move onto the underwear. BTwin's Highly rated Aerofit 700 Baelayer's getting the discount treatment over at Decathlon. You can get your hands on it at a 44% discount right now.

Finally, socks. Socks from Skins. Specifically compression socks from Skins. We know they do compression clothing well over at Skins, we've reviewed some of their kit before, so we have every reason to believe these socks will do wonders for your legs.


Cycle Surgery

28% off Cube's Litening C68 Pro Blackline
WAS £2499.00 | NOW £1799.00

Cube Litening C68 Pro Blackline.jpg

We'll warn you before we go any further, this particular deal is only available to those of you who fit a 52cm frame.

If you're not one of our particularly lucky small readers today, and a 52cm frame just won't cut it for you, there are a few other bargains knocking about on the Cycle Surgery website which we'll get on to later.

But first, lets talk about this exceptional race bike. We had it in for review last year, and our man Ed Mason called it a "surefooted, stable, race-oriented machine that shines on the component choice front."

That's pretty high praise, as is the 9/10 rating, which isn't all that common here at You can read more about the Litening by following the link below:

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If you're heartbroken that you won't be able to get your hands on the Litening in your size, why not check out the Kona Zing, which is currently discounted at 40% is available in a 56cm and a 59cm frame. Alternatively, the Cube Peloton Pro is available in a 56cm and a 58cm frame at a 28% discount.



44% off BTwin's Aerofit 700 Baselayer
WAS £24.99 | NOW £13.99

BTwin Aerofit 700 Base Layer.jpg

At a lower price than we've ever seen it, in spring appropriate white, BTwin's Aerofit 700 Baselayer is a steal right now over at Decathlon.

Sure the weather's slowly improving and your immediate need for a baselayer might not feel as pressing as it did a few weeks ago. But remember where you live, remember how changeable the weather can be, and remember how cold it can feel when you roll out at the crack of dawn.

Check out our review below if you want a bit more information:

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29% off Skins Men's Essentials Compression Socks
WAS £35.00 | NOW £24.99

Skins Compression Socks.jpg


Even if it's just for the novelty, everyone loves new socks.

But what we've got for you here are a new pair of socks that do much more than make the bottom of your legs look good, they make your legs feel good.

We've talked about Skins' excellence in the compression clothing department before - we had their compression bib tights in for review a few years back.

We had some reservations about the choice of material for a set of bib tights, the set we reviewed preformed fantastically in the compression stakes, but left us wanting a little bit more insulation in the winter, and a bit more breathability in the summer.

No such problems with the socks though. Designed with comfort in mind, these compression socks will wick away moisture in the heat, and the anti-chafing yarn will reduce any chance of overheating as the summer months get closer.

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