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Google's self-driving bicycle: bike or fiction?

We missed this on Friday, so here it is for your viewing pleasure - an answer to the Dutch cycling problem

Okay so obviously April 1 has passed, leaving us with some laughs, some groans, and one more day waking up and remembering that no, Donald Trump is not a hoax. However, here’s one that managed to escape our April Fool’s Day round-up. We think it’s too good not to share.

For one day only, Google was offering an ingenious self-driving bicycle, its independent driving mode useful for when you need picking up and your bike is elsewhere, for working on the go and, as one enthusiastic mother points out, for taking the kids places by themselves.

New products, new bikes, new laws –’s April Fool’s Day cycling hoax round-up

Featuring lifelike footage of the bike trundling along like a two-wheeled R2D2 (or BB8), we think it’s rather brilliant; so in case you missed it first time, too, here it is:

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