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Science in Sport take over the DealCatcher

The guys over at SiS have hijacked the DealCatcher today and are filling it with enormous exclusive deals!

He's been taken again! Well, he's been bribed away at least, probably with the promise of faster Strava segments and chocolatey, proteiney goodies from his captors: the nefarious nutritionists over at Science in Sport.

We say nefarious, but there's really nothing sinister about the incredible selection of deals they're putting in your laps this afternoon.

In the DealCatcher's absence, not only are the nutrition scientists from SiS offering you guys a exclusive deal - which tops today's list - they've got a huge pile of bundle bargains for you to sink your teeth into too!

You'll also notice that SiS have had a huge overhaul of their website, but the changes are far from simply cosmetic.

They've employed new functionality to help you get exactly what you need from their bundles, by giving you the option of building your own via their Bundle Builder page - which could bring you savings of up to 58% and can be found here.

Equally, if you're unsure exactly what you need in the way of nutrition to help you acheive your gols, check out their new Nutrition Calculator.

First up, though, is the exclusive deal below. Don't forget to use the code at checkout!


Exclusive 2-4-1 on 1kg tubs
With code 'RD241CC'

SiS Tubs 1kg.png


We, of course, get proceedings underway with Science in Sport's exclusive deal.

They're offering you the chance to fill your stores with their brand new selection of 1kg tubs of recovery protein and electrolyte mix to help you recover and help you ride further, harder, and longer.

If you follow the link above you can buy two tubs for the price of one, and the selection includes Science in Sport's REGO Rapid Recovery protein in Strawberry and Chocolate flavour, or their GO Electrolyte mix in Lemon and Lime or Tropical flavour.


5 for £15 Hydro

SIS GO Hydro tubes multi.jpg

Next on the list of scientifically confirmed bargains are SiS's selection of GO Hydro tablets in Berry, Lemon and Cola flavour - the Cola flavour has the added bonus of including caffeine in the mix to give you a mid-ride kick alongside the valuable hydration.

The 5 for £15 offer is incredible value in itself. We know, because we gave them an excellent rating of 8/10 when they came our way for testing.

- Read more:'s SiS GO Hydro Tablet review


Up to 50% off SiS Bundles


Amongst the savings to be had are a huge selection of Science in Sport's bundles which offer unmatchable value in the nutrition market.

The options available to you see up to 50% sliced off the original asking price of piles of nutritional goodies.

There are options available to you if you're looking to improve your endurance, your recovery time, or your lean muscle gains, alternatively you can buy packs that have been put together by world champion athletes and teams - so you know you're getting the best stuff.

Keep your eye on this page, though, because SiS are set to add even more new bundles to it over the next couple of days.


50% off 20pk Gels


Science in Sport's range of GO Isotonic Energy Gels are fantastic. We know, because once again these are an item that have passed through towers to great acclaim.

If you check out the review below you'll discover that SiS's Isotonic Energy Gels are a high performing energy gel that tastes fantastic and is excellent value - especially at this discounted price.

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3 for £15 Bar Bundle


Finally, it's time to get your taste on.

Science in Sport are offering of their GO Energy Bar Bundles for £15, giving you a huge variety of flavours, and plenty of energy bars, to work out which flavour, and which between their 65g and 40g mini bars work best for you.

The 66% saving when you buy three packs is nothing to scoff at either.

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wiwaxy | 8 years ago

Great deal if you can get it!


maldin | 8 years ago

I couldn't see where in the check out process to use the voucher code... 

maldin replied to maldin | 8 years ago

maldin wrote:

I couldn't see where in the check out process to use the voucher code... 

Found it - and since I can't delete the comment I'll point out that it's an option on the basket page on the first step of the check out. You need to open the option to show the box to enter teh voucher.

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