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Yoga for Cyclists, part 3: breathing

Breathing - simple, but when you know how, it's better for you and your training...

In part 3 of our Yoga for Cyclists series, we bring you breathing. Simple really, in and out.

Well, not really. Yogic breathing is a bit of a thing - it's all about breathing deeply through the ribs, far deeper than you will while sitting in front of the telly. It involves the diaphragm, pulling the maximum possibly oxygen into the lungs.

On the road, that exchange of gases helps your muscles convert energy for better movement. Breathing exercises during yoga help you practice that, as well as relax quite deeply.

Our resident yoga expert Karen Burt takes you through a series of breathing exercises that you can do as a standalone, or during your own sequence of yoga moves that you can make up by using any of our yoga videos.

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